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Jul 3, 2018 | Disaster

It Appears There's No Relief In Sight As Floods Takeover Kumasi

By MyJoyOnline
It Appears There's No Relief In Sight As Floods Takeover Kumasi

Destruction, devastation and death ensue as torrential rains continue to flood towns in Kumasi, and according to the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA), it is only going to get worse.

“The weather will be mostly cloudy across the entire country with cases of thunderstorms and rain occurring over places in the northern and middle sectors this morning and later in the afternoon,” a GMA statement reads .

“The coastal sector will experience isolated rains this morning becoming partly cloudy till late afternoon when scattered cases of thunderstorms and rain will occur,” the statement adds.

Joy News’ Erastus Asare Donkor reported Monday that at least eight people have been confirmed dead. Several others are missing.

Floodwaters have also collapsed Omwe Bridge, an overpass critical for the transport of Kumasi’s residents. As of now, commuters must take a longer route – roughly 40 kilometres – to get to their destinations.

“If there is an emergency, it will be impossible to get to a hospital,” Erastus said. “It needs to be fixed immediately.”


Many families have been forced to evacuate their homes, he added.

In many areas, people are unable to get to work. The areas most impacted include Kwabaso, Atonsu S-line, Airport Roundabout and Moshie Zongo.

Meanwhile, The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) says Kumasi’s dilapidated infrastructure is a large part of the problem. The organisation is urging the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) to take action.

According to Ashanti Region Coordinator of NADMO, Kwabena Senkyere, structures like containers are impeding the city’s planning system.


“It is the fault of the Assembly. Even if you have a permit, the Assembly can withdraw the permit and compensate you but if we don’t have enough to compensate then we will leave it there,” he told Joy News.

Senkyere added that he hopes a new legislation will be pass by the end of the year to enforce the removal of the structures.

“As I am talking to you now, I have sent memos to the assembly that there are some weak structures in the system that we have to get rid of,” he said.

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