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Nzemas Celebrate Kundum In London

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The Nzemas in London were joined by other Ghanaian ethnic communities to celebrate the 2005 Kundum festival in Haringey. This year's celebration like that of previous years was devoted to a development concern of raising funds to help in education and health in the Nzema area of the country.

Ghana's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Osei Isaac ( and Mrs. Osei) were the guest of honour. In a short speech Mr. Osei said the festival provided in the past and it should in the present, an opportunity for the Nzemas and the Ahantas to reflect on the events for the past year. Its lessons and community support, he said should be incorporated into our national consciousness.

On efforts to help with development in Ghana, he said, '' It is the responsibility of those here who cannot go home to contribute from here. Education enables us to get to places and we should ensure that children born here take opportunity of the education programmes. You should ensure that what you lacked in education is compensated for by the education of those you gave birth to here.''

The chairman of the occasion, Dr. John Kwaku Tandoh a university lecturer said the time was passed when communities looked up to governments to fulfil all their needs. ''Governments cannot do everything. It is only an enabler.'' he said.

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