God Isn't Stupid, Mr. President!

Feature Article God Isn't Stupid, Mr. President!
JUN 27, 2018 LISTEN

One African team remains in the 2018 World cup, Museveni is still the president of Uganda, a lot of people are sick, poor and jobless, frustrated and,most importantly,so many are blaming God. However, the Philippine president open perception of God as "stupid" is something that has tickled me, and I think it's a normal human assessment, but if one opens up to God and searches for a spiritual lead in these matters the results are very different. God did and always has done the very best that could be done. Of course we can't answer some related questions, like a question that used to bother me when i started learning physics at my O levels:what created God, for instance, but we can move on in our thinking by going along with the understanding that the human brain simply cannot understand many such things. The only option here is to keep studying and learning, hoping for a better understanding.

The suffering in Africa, Middle East and elsewhere is a mortal phase of our existence but it is not the bottom line. We are going through this phase of inconveniences and suffering in order that we may learn enough about all the effects of sin and rebellion. Without this training phase we would never be suitable for immortality and absolute sovereignty.

Yes, it takes some courage to think for yourself. The topics in debate are just another example of sovereign choice. That is, each individual can make their own sovereign choice as to whether to accept God or reject the entire idea that God exists. Some Jews believe that we should never use the word "God". That is because it means we are defining "God".

God is omnipotent but sometimes we don't/can't understand what He is doing. It is at these lock-ups that we must trust in faith and lean not on our own understanding.God will do things in the best way possible and He will not be diverted from this process by our human complaints or disagreements. God has eternal plans for us and this very brief spate of mortal existence is but a miniscule part of God's concern for us. We must learn and this is the only workable way for us to do so. This is somewhat like parents interacting with their children. The parents may impose some restrictions that make the child unhappy for the time being but the long term effect is well worth the stress the child had to go through.

I feel the need to praise God because I firmly believe God is worthy of praise. We would never have existed had God not created us. As a Muslim, my main source of understanding is the quran. If I can't find information in the quran that supports my thinking on a specific matter I conclude that my thinking is wrong. If I can find information in the quran that supports my thinking I conclude that my thinking is right. But I'm always careful to respect the views of other people.

I don't mean to imply that you or any other atheist MUST accept God's ways. I merely point out that we all have the sovereign choice in this and no one can overwhelm anyone else into believing or not believing that God exists. Everything is relative except when its not.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
"In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism."

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