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22.06.2018 Feature Article

Are NPP Settling For The End Justifies The Means?

Are NPP Settling For The End Justifies The Means?
LISTEN JUN 22, 2018

In my resolution to end my political writings, I feel obliged to write about how I see the current NPP, their strengths and weaknesses; their need for a change of direction and how to endear themselves to the public through the successful implementation of their electioneering promises. As long as I supported the NPP to win Election 2016 insomuch that God granted me the ability, in much the same way, I have the obligation to ensure that the leaders, especially the President, lives up to expectation.

The NPP at the moment stands wrong-footed by emulating the wrong deeds of the NDC. The John Dramani Mahama NDC-led government was accused of tribalism; dominating the government by Northerners, practising cronyism, being conspicuously corrupt and incompetent and cunningly seizing importers’ wares to auction them cheaply to the NDC members with some NDC members paying just a small fraction of import duties on their imported goods. The practice of open corruption at the ports was the order of the day.

In NPP’s time, have things changed for the better? The view of many including myself is a BIG NO! In NPP’s time, it is not probably only one tribe dominating but a family. Cronyism is within the government and things are pretty much the same as they were under former President Mahama, if not getting worse when it comes to the corruption at our ports.

There are allegations that some of the NPP gurus have got their boys at the ports. These boys are only there to perpetrate and perpetuate corrupt practices. Duties of imported goods are way beyond the capabilities of the importers hence culminating in some imported goods going into rent and finally being auctioned cheaply to some members of the political cartel.

The above allegations which to me are more of the truth than false, amount to a weakness and deceit on the part of the NPP. On the weaknesses of the party, they have not the strategies to defuse the NDC’s propaganda intended to portray the NPP in exceedingly bad light. The NPP as a party and a people do not give a toss about having, let alone, strengthening their communication team. Implementation of policies must go hand in hand with dissemination of information on what the government has done, is doing and about to do. However, the NPP have not that in mind.

Justifying evils done using equalization is something that I don’t subscribe to. There are allegations that the NPP gurus, be they government appointees or party leaders, do erect impregnable walls around them once the party come to power. Shunning people who might have assisted you in time of your great need is to me like biting the hand that feeds you. Much as they should not let their doors ajar for every Tom, Dick sand Harry to walk through, they should not slam their doors tightly shut in the face of those who performed spectacularly exceptionally well in a manner of not wanting to know about anything.

Do the NPP understand RECOGNITION and its importance in any successful teamwork in an organization? The answer may be no if indeed none of the leaders has until today said thank you to Mr Sarkodie, alias DJ Sources of Sources radio UK. Every discerning NPP member knows the length he went to campaign on his radio as well as raising funds to assist the NPP campaign.

The NPP are good about always coming up with innovations and implementations of policies for the collective good of Ghanaians. They are visionary. What admirable strengthens!

For His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to be able to justify the inundation of his government with his family members, such members must not only live above reproach but also, do whatever is necessary for the President to succeed to the expectation of the Ghanaian masses. They should not see their appointments as a means to enriching their family but the trust the President had in them as family members to help him succeed in realising his numerous promises to the Ghanaian electorates.

Those who think by going to kneel before Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II for his blessings will help them excel in their various fields of appointment are mere jokers. If they feel themselves as misfits in their positions, they had better resign or seek expert advice from consultants.

When are we going to retrieve the money Alfred Agbesi Woyome swindled Ghana of? When is the Special Prosecutor going fully into action? When will the Charlotte Osei, Amadu Sulley and Mrs Opoku Amankwaah be tried for their self-accused breaches at the Electoral Commission?

I shall recommend to the President to do the following as long as the buck stops with him but nobody else.

He must fire any of his appointees found to be non-performing, corrupt and disrespectful to the public. That is the only way he can get the best out of the appointees.

The President must not see it as a mere perception of the public when people complain bitterly about he rampant ongoing corruption at the nation’s ports, especially at the Tema harbour.

The duties at the ports are excessive. If it is not to discourage importation of goods into the country, how on earth should one be expected to pay a duty in multiples of the cost of the items imported? For example, if you purchase a car abroad at say £5,000, why should one pay a duty of say, six times of the cost of the car? Does it make any sense? Do we have locally manufactured cars so that by heavily increasing the duty people will be dissuaded from importing cars to rather patronise the Ghana homemade cars?

The Bawumia boys, the Samira boys, the Rockson boys, the Pianim boys, etc. at the ports if any, are all there to perpetrate and perpetuate corruption. They must be gotten rid off. The ports must not become a money-bearing trees for some people, be they politicians, Custom officers or Clearing Agents.

There is the need for RECOGNITION; the need for COMMUNICATION TEAMS, to honestly inform the public of the government’s achievements, policies to be implemented and why things have not yet materialised as wished.

There must be a solid unity within the NPP rather than it appearing like the cow’s dung – dried on the surface but wet underneath.

Success in governance is not all about “book long” but how visionary, honest and resolutely determined the President or the government is to achieving their credible policies.

The President with his government must accept criticisms. They must sieve the criticisms and take the good ones among them to help them to succeed. This is based on the proclaimed belief by Benjamin Franklin that “Critics are our friends, they show us our faults.”

For the President to know how he is performing, he should not rely solely on the sweet lies those nearer to him will be feeding him but on the bitter truth his critics will be telling him.

Once more, I shall advise the President to use the military to fight armed robberies in Ghana. He should not entertain any fears that by letting the army openly come out to fight certain activities militating against his government and the people of Ghana will encourage the military to plot a coup d'état against him. No! The current world order does not tolerate mutiny by the military. If they do, ECOWAS or the world will mobilise counter military force to flush them out.

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Should Ghanaians resort to a “wait and see” upon all the common mistakes being made in the belief that “the end justifies the means”; to come out to applaud the government when all finally ends well despite the current teeming irregularities?

Rockson Adofo

Rockson Adofo
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