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15.09.2005 General News

Ansa-Asare case: Director says books have arrived

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Accra, Sept 15, GNA - Mrs Linda Doku, Registrar of the Ghana School of law (GSL), on Thursday said Mr Kwaku Ansa-Asare, Director of the GSL, informed her three weeks ago that about 90 per cent of the books that should have been supplied to the GSL at the cost of 3.8 billion cedis had arrived.

She said according to the Director, he tried to supply the books to the School on September 3 but could not do so because his office had been barricaded.

Mrs Doku said she was not in a position to assist with the situation since her own office had also been barricaded. Mrs Doku was giving evidence before the five-member Committee of Enquiry set up to investigate allegations of abuse of office and corruption against Mr Ansa-Asare.

In an answer to the Committee, she said she was only acting on the instructions of the Director when she had earlier authorised the payment of 80 million cedis for clearing and delivery fees of the same books, which the Director was telling her had now arrived.

She said the Director had told her that the books, which had arrived, were being kept at Readwide.

When asked why she had earlier stated in documents covering the purchase of books that the books had been purchased and supplied although she was now admitting that the books had just arrived, she said there must have been a typing error.

According to Mrs Doku, what should have been written was "To be supplied".

Mrs Doku said she never approved the payment of money into the personal account of Mr Ansa-Asare.

Mrs Doku said so far as she was concerned, she only approved of the payment of money for the purchase of books for the GSL. Mrs Doku said she never saw any invoices accompanying the loan of 3.8 billion cedis for the purchase but was only told by Mr Ansa-Asare that there were invoices.

Mr Kwesi Asuama Odoom, Chief Registrar of the GSL, had in an earlier appearance told the Committee that he never saw any invoices. He said he raised 3.8 billion cedis on the orders of Mr Ansa-Asare, although he never saw the books delivered.

Mr Odoom said he had verbally asked the Director on several occasions when the books were to be delivered but never put that request in any official document.

Mr Brian Wutor, a Former Accountant of the School, had also told the Committee earlier that it was a usual practice for money to be transferred from the GSL into the personal account of Mr Ansa-Asare. Mr Anthony Tawiah, a Petitioner, requested that the Committee should assist him to collect his end of service benefits.

He said after working at the GSL for 12 years, Mr Ansa-Asare terminated his appointment with the GSL three years ago with the explanation that there was a restructuring exercise going on.

Mr Tawiah said although he was paid his salary for the month in which he was dismissed, he was not given any end of service benefits. Sitting continues next week. 15 Sept. 05

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