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18.06.2018 General News

Biker Runs Over Man In Wheelchair

By Daily Guide
Biker Runs Over Man In Wheelchair
LISTEN JUN 18, 2018

A 55-year-old wheelchair-bound man, Afa Issahaku, was a casualty of the military's attempts to enforce the ban on using motorbikes to transport more than one person in the Bimbilla town.

The military was in pursuit of two persons on a motorbike when the culprits crashed into Afa Issahaku.

The victim was left with broken legs after falling into a drain as a result of the collision.

He was returning from Islamic worship during Ramadan on the day of the incident.

“We closed from Tafseer in the evening and I was coming home on my wheelchair by the roadside, and before I realized, two guys on a motorbike crashed into me and I fell. My legs were broken and I was taken to the hospital for treatment by the military. I was later discharged to go for local treatment,” he narrated to Citi News.

However, he said the collision had worsened his physical state.

“My condition now is very bad because I am now paralyzed and cannot do anything. I am therefore appealing to the government and other benevolent organizations and individuals to assist me, I am helpless and paralyzed,” he pleaded.

Ban questioned
Some residents have appealed to the security agencies to show some leniency in enforcing the ban.

A resident said, “When such a thing happens, it's good the security stops and interrogates you the rider before taking an action against you.

Some people have genuine reasons but sometimes when the security personnel see you they quickly start beating you up without allowing you to say anything, instead of finding out why you are carrying the other person”.

The Interior Ministry in January placed a ban on the use of motorbikes to transport more than one person in the Bimbilla town, following the killing of six persons by some assailants who fired from a motorbike.

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