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Jun 12, 2018 | Politics

I Kept Quiet To Save Gov't Embarrassment--Sacked GEPA CEO

By MyJoyOnline
I Kept Quiet To Save Gov't Embarrassment--Sacked GEPA CEO

The CEO of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) who has been silent since her dismissal says she did so to save the government’s face.

According to Gifty Kleman, speaking about circumstances surrounding her dismissal would have been embarrassing to the government, a situation she wouldn’t want to put the president through.

“It is a very young government as such we cannot do anything that will tarnish the image of the for me, the reason why I haven’t spoken is that it is a very fragile government and we cannot destroy it,” he said.

Klenam was speaking to Joy FM’s Kojo Yankson at her home on Saturday where she insists that although the President has relieved her of her post, she is still at work.

She said since no formal letter has been addressed to her communicating her dismissal, she will do her work as is required and will not move until the right thing is done.

“I don’t have any letter to that effect,” she stressed.

This is the first time Klenam has spoken since news broke she has been dismissed last week by President Akufo-Addo.

She told the reporter although there are a lot of things she’d have loved to say about her struggles at the GEPA, the timing is not right.

“It has taken us so much time and strength to get to where we are and we must uphold it with dignity and that is why I haven’t spoken.

“I am having certain challenges but I will not talk about it now. There is a lot I might not be able to point out today because the president appointed me and I respect him,” she added.

She said none of the accusations leveled against her – a ¢65,000 salary and $1,500 monthly accommodation allowance – are true.

Klenam said until her supposed dismissal, her salary and other allowances were yet to be fixed although she had invested “a seed money of ¢13,000” in the Authority to revamp it.

The allegations, for her, are a “concoction” aimed at tarnishing her image and to make nonsense of everything she has done since her assumption of office.

Story by Ghana| | Naa Sakwaba Akwa | E: [email protected]

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