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There is Evil in the word “God”—Letter to My Dear Bright in the USA!

Jun 10, 2018 | NngmingBongle Bapuohyele
There is Evil in the word “God”—Letter to My Dear Bright in the USA!

Not long ago, I published in this same column of mine on the Modern Ghana internet site an article titled The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana soon to be purged of the word “God”, (of URL, to which a reader in the USA by name Bright posted some comments which I would like to respond to through this open letter to him.

I do this with the hope that many more of my readers, particularly those who read the article that Bright commented on, will get to read this response and also be blessed by it through this open letter, than if I simply only replied to Bright’s comments on that article!

It is also always a joy to me to have yet another opportunity to teach in more detail every topic touching on my Towrah-based faith, which is all I teach by my writings, whenever I am quizzed by readers; hence this open response to Bright, by which I am able to teach a little more on the weighty issues he raises in his rather terse comments.

Before I proceed with my missive to Bright, I’d like to post here the comments he made to my article; just to make them readily accessible to readers so they can better follow and appreciate my response to him. This is what Bright wrote; unedited:

Not every instance of the English created word God has a basis of elohim which is approx 2600 times. There are at least 20 different word meanings also rendered as God, God, goddess, devil etc. It is not a simple fix and in fact may cause more confusion”.

And now, here comes my letter to Bright!
Dear Bright: At first, I had wanted to ignore your comments. But because of my passion for teaching the truths of Yahuwah Elohiym and also because I see poison in your comments which could negatively affect my readers, I have to respond to you.

My dear Bright, I think that for such a serious article as I have published for discerning readers of my column, you should have ensured that your comments were expressed in a more comprehensible way and a lot more copious in scope, in order for you to be better understood, than you present here.

None of your three sentences here gives a complete thought or makes clear sense! They only pour poison or toxins on my effort at disseminating the TRUTH of Yahuwah to my generation. Please, read these sentences of yours again and, if you will, try to correct yourself if indeed you did not intend to cause harm to my efforts at teaching the TRUTH of Yahuwah Elohiym to this generation.

Now, you should ask yourself whether when Yahuwah had titled Himself “ELOHIM”, which He did long before the coming into being of all creation, He later on called or permitted any other being or deity, He never even created, to also be titled Elohim (elohim?)?? For, this is the impression one gets from your comment when you say many renderings of elohim as god, goddess and even devil exist in the English Bible as a result of the work of translators!!

You must know that the word “Elohim” is wholly and fully laden with ALL of the holiness existing in the universe and thus can only belong to Yahuwah who ALONE is by His nature the epitome of Holiness! So then, the word “ELOHIM” should never be thought of by anyone as being possible to be even remotely associated with any other being such as humans call or know as god, goddess, or devil, no matter what “power” these spirit beings may seem to wield, all of which power can only be used to cause harm, since all of such beings are bereft of having even an iota of holiness within them and thus should not have any names or titles of theirs deemed worthy of coming anywhere close to the title [ELOHIM] of the Creator!

And in this, you must also know that Yahuwah does not share His Glory, which is principally in His name, with any being—cf. YeshaYahu (Isaiah??) 42:8 and 48:11.

Well, we all know from Strong’s #430 that “elohiym” (elohim) is translated as “God” (2346X), with reference to the KJV bible, even though it is now considered wrong in the Restored Name King James Version Bible (RNKJVB) for translators of old to have done so!

Again, this same “elohim” according to Strong’s #430 is translated as “god” (244X) and then again as “goddess” (2X), both of which I judge to be bigger and worse sacrileges that were committed by translators, of old, than even in or by their rendering of “elohim” as “God” in their works that produced the English Bible!

You see, all of this is pure madness on the part of translators; for by their actions they seek—maybe in ignorance and yet cannot exonerate themselves of wrongdoing—to put Yahuwah ELOHIM in the same class as any heathen deities which He never even created, but which all only evolved from evil sources!

This folly and madness on the part of translators of yesteryears should not be countenanced by modern man today, and hence the cleaning work being done by such radical thinkers as those who made the RNKJVB I referred to in my article which you commented on; from whose work I myself have learned a lot in common sense!

It is sad that the folly of the KJV translators in thinking of heathen deities, which were never sync-creation but latter day post-creation appearances that came to exist in localized geographic locations to wield evil power, misled them to relate and or compare the evil power of these heathen deities to that of ELOHIM, the Creator!

Now even though these translators admit that the powers of these deities never could match those of the Creator, nonetheless, they went ahead to consider them elohim too, and thus their wrong and erroneous rendering of ELOHIM as “God” and elohim as god or goddess depending on the perceived gender of these heathen deities; as if there is any spiritual difference or distinction in meaning and value between ELOHIM, Elohim and elohim!

And this folly of translators of old led them to come up with “God” and “god”, as if the two have any difference in value and effect when written as they stand, even though they are of the same sound and ought only to represent one same deity and thus be responded to by that one and the same deity ALONE AND AT ANY TIME! But alas, these words were made to co-exist in the KJV, and deemed as belonging to two separate beings of opposing attributes and power, which words were later to sadly ‘inspire’ the framers of The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana to choose “God” in their references to the Creator.

Commonsensically, invoking “God” or even “GOD” is the same as invoking “god”!! So then, there is, very truly and obviously, an evil trick done to the minds of those who call on “God” in their prayers desiring to be delivered from any “god” or from all gods!

Even in the light of such obvious confusion in this regard, to people like you my dear Bright, this never posed any problem or confusion in the minds of lovers of the KJV whenever people swore any oath, such as the Presidential Oath of Ghana, by “God”; but you believe that my suggestion for oaths to be sworn in the true name, ELOHIM, of the Creator, would instead do more harm than allowing the status quo to remain and persist, simply because some deities are also referred to as elohim in English Bibles including even the RNKJVB??

My dear Bright, are you serious in this? Or are you saying this because you are ignorant of the truth and thus never willfully intended to hurt my mission at teaching the truth and the cause of Yahuwah?? You may have to reconsider the effect of your comments you posted to my article and do a sincere repentance for your own good!

You must know that Yahuwah reveals everything about Himself in absolute terms. What I mean is that Yahuwah does not grow in strength from say, strong to stronger and to strongest! This is all because He does not change in any way! He is strength; He is the only source of strength and thus the STRONGEST.

So then, Yahuwah manifests similar perfect and absolute qualities of His Being in all His works and attributes; including how He writes His Word and typically how He spells His name and title. Therefore, when Yahuwah writes His title in Ivrit (Hebrew??) alephbet (note, not alphabet!!), He does so all the time in CAPS which can thus ONLY be transliterated “ELOHIM” so that we who are illiterate in Ivrit can pronounce it; and never ought to be written as elohim! See??

This is why Ivrit is ONLY written in CAPS and never in lower case letters! For Yahuwah, when He is speaking, can NEVER either amplify or lower His voice, since whatever His being and His attributes are, all exist in absolute terms! And again, because Yahuwah has no need to ever stop to take a breath when speaking, His word originally written in Ivrit is without punctuation marks!! Awwww! What a manifestation of POWER AND MIGHT AND GLORY of AviYahu (My Father [is] Yahuwah)!!

My dear Bright, let us consider from another dimension why no deity of the heathen could ever be called elohim, and thus be translated “god” in reference to idols as English translators have done!

You see, Yahuwah Elohiym has warned [us] His loyal and holy children of the house of Yisroel, never to mention the heathen names of any of the Goyim (Gentiles) deities—cf. Yehoshua (Joshua??) 23:7. And so, if indeed the English Bible is a correct translation of the word of Yahuwah Elohiym, He would not be the one to give the slightest idea that, after all, a heathen deity could also be titled by His true and holy title ELOHIM!

So then, if ever the word elohim is seen to be associated with idols of the heathen, it must have been done by fickle-minded people who were misled into this evil, and NEVER by any of His holy representatives who spoke for Him in time past and under his unction.

I will give just one reference to the scriptures in proof of this.

In the book of Melekhim Ekhad (First Kings??) 18:21 we read: "If Yahuwah ( ) be Elohim, follow Him; and if Baal then follow him."—RNKJVB.

Unbelievably, when I first read this verse in my days of spiritual ignorance, I found serious fault with it! I deemed it incomplete! I thought the one who uttered these words missed a repetition of be Elohim after Baal!! However, I was later to judge myself as being wrong after meditating on this verse for a long while.

Note that these words in Melekhim Ekhad were uttered by EliYahu (Elijah??), a holy navi (prophet??), at a time when his mouth was in effect used as the mouthpiece of Yahuwah. In other words, Yahuwah Himself spoke these words referred to in Melekhim Ekhad 18:21! And so, who could deem these words incomplete or wrong?? It must be people like me; reasoning with and from fickle minds if measured against that of the unfathomable wisdom of Yahuwah!

It would be wrong to have had a second “be Elohim” mentioned after the word “Baal” in the verse under study in Melekhim Ekhad in the foregoing since that would have constituted a sin—in deeming the name of a heathen deity as worthy of mention or of being comparable to the true and holy title ELOHIM of Yahuwah.

So then, how would anyone today think to relate the title ELOHIM of the Creator to any heathen deity—in deeming the Creator to be ELOHIM (God??) and a deity of the heathen to be elohim (god??)?? Not even to think that Yahuwah in His own word revealed to mankind His pleasure at doing this and on purpose, in order for translators to see as worthy titling an idol god just in the same way they title the Creator “God” in their English Bibles??

It could be that such verses of scripture as Melekhim Ekhad 18:21 may be found to exist in other verses elsewhere in scripture which could or may have influenced or misguided translators to read ELOHIM into such verses even where they were not remotely meant to carry or convey such meaning at all, and hence the error of translators who saw elohim (and thus god) where there was none, which error has persisted to date to bedevil the thinking and faith of salvation seekers!

I want to believe that the name Baal, even though belonging to a heathen deity according to the scriptures, is, in fact, not a true and genuine Goy (Gentile) name that can be ascribed to any typical heathen deity in any geographic location outside Yisroel. Methinks that the word Baal was coined by [us] the children of Yisroel using Ivrit (Hebrew??) literature and terminology in order to identify or describe a heathen deity while making sure this NEVER infringed the commandments of Yahuwah that NEVER should anyone [of us] of the house of Yisroel mention the name of any heathen deity.

In fact, since the plural for Baal seen all over the scriptures is Baalim, which fits perfectly with the norm of the children of Yisroel in forming plural words out of the singular, this gives me the strong indication that the name Baal cannot be a word of Goy roots but one that has roots in Ivrit and was thus coined to name, I am sure in derogatory terms, something foreign and evil to Yisroel which only evolved among Goyim sometime after creation.

Now, since at creation there was no deity but Yahuwah ALONE, and since all things of creation were created by the word of Yahuwah, neither Yahuwah nor any of His word that created the universe was involved in the coming of any deities of the Goyim. So, to even relate, not to even think of equating, ELOHIM to an idol in elohim is simply pure madness on the part of translators!

It is sad that translators of old could deem the deities or idols of the Goyim as being worthy of reverence as is due ELOHIM and thus also worthy to be called elohim and hence their translations of God, god, gods, etc., which in effect make all of them have the same value, since they are all the same in sound!!

My Dear Bright, I’d like to advise you and your ilk to seek to understand what the words of the revelation of YahuKhanan (John??) 6:63 teach. This verse states, in part, thus: “. . . the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life”.

What these words mean is that every word is a thing of tangible substance; and for those of us who believe that it is ONLY an Ivrit [and no other tongue] word uttered by Yahuwah which brought all creation into being, this statement is ALL TRUTH and in fact, nothing but TRUTH!!

So then, what the Ivrit word ELOHIM stands for and can manifest, do or become, the Goy word “God” CANNOT do; since, even ordinarily, the power in an Ivrit word is incompatible with any Goy word, all of which are of post-Babel origins and effect!!

You see, when you change (translate) a word which is a proper noun such as the name of a person, his title, or a place, belonging to or particular to any language into another language, you would have either willfully or ignorantly moved from one spirit to associate with a different one!! And this is what translators of old have managed to do for mankind who believe their English Bible in their rendering of the Ivrit ELOHIM as God!!

So then, my dear Bright, whenever you utter the word “God” as part of the words in any oath you swear, you indirectly immerse your life and all your very being into a certain domain where ELOHIM can never be present or desire for you, His creation, to be!!

And, I suppose you know that where Yahuwah ELOHIM is not present, it is Satan who is in charge there!! You should therefore not find difficulty in accepting the fact that the Word “God” contains all the EVIL on Earth!!

This truth, my dear Bright, is what Yahuwah Elohiym, my Av, sent me to reveal to mankind and lead all who swear oaths in the name of “God” to know and thus be delivered from the curses they unwittingly draw upon themselves and all they lead, by publishing for their warning and correction the article you commented on; though, sadly, you did so rather poorly and without showing that you have any knowledge of TRUTH!

My Dear Bright, I must end it here hoping that I have been able to clear your mind of any misunderstandings you may have from my previous write up, wherein I demanded an amendment to The 1999 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana by expunging from it the word "God" in replacement with ELOHIM. However, should you want to continue with this conversation, please let me hear from you anytime you are willing!

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NngmingBongle Bapuohyele
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