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11.09.2005 Press Review

EDITORIAL: Let Nothing Stop Us From Going to Germany

Public Agenda

These are some of the very few days in the past few years that Ghanaians have taken a break from divisive and rancorous politics. The feel good factor is still on after the Black Stars defeated Uganda 2-0 to make our dream of ever playing in a world cup almost a reality.

The highly politicized Ghanaian newspapers and radio stations and well meaning Ghanaians responded maturely to the Black Stars victory. For once, in several years Ghanaians united in a common purpose to celebrate a well deserved victory over the Ugandans.

Some people, more tuned to the metaphysical dimensions of the Black Stars' meteoric performance, suggested that it was simply a case of the God of Ghana speaking. He-the God of Ghana-was perhaps telling the whole world to let "my people go to Germany, that they may sacrifice to me on the altars of international football".

Who says God is not a Ghanaian? He is undoubtedly a Ghanaian , but because he is slow to anger, had kept quiet all these many years while the Black Stars fumbled in the soccer wilderness, and had suddenly spoken for his beloved Ghana.

Ghana's dream of playing at the World cup had been painful and long in coming, but we now know what will follow next. While savouring the dream of playing in Germany, it is worth reminding the playing body, the technical team, the Ghana Football Association and the Ministry of Education, and Sports that the battle is not over until it is over. General Arnold Quainoo , once said that "football is war." And he was right. In football anything can happen. If Ghana went to Johannesburg, defied all odds and beat South Africa 2-0, the Democratic Republic of Congo will be seeking to do far better than that. If DR Congo beat the crest fallen South Africans by five goals to nil, while praying for Ghana to lose in Cape Verde, they would have scuttled our dreams of ever playing at the world cup. God forbid!

With the power of hindsight, the Black Stars usually fumble when it matters most. That is why the players must not be complacent when they play Cape Verde in October. And our football authorities must not go to sleep thinking that qualification is a done deal. It is far from over. The Cape Verdians are wounded lions and will like to go down fighting to make a name as the giant killers, the 'spoilers' to put it better.

To avoid any shocks, Ghana should send an advance team several days ahead to prepare the grounds for the final match. Public Agenda has gathered that Abedi Pele has a lot of good will in Cape Verde. For that reason we suggest that he could be among the advance team to lay the foundation for a Black Stars' victory. Let's not take anything for granted. The dream is on. God bless Ghana.