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Jun 5, 2018 | General News

Gov't Urged To Create Job Market For Graduates

By CitiNewsRoom
Gov't Urged To Create Job Market For Graduates

The Chairman of Vice Chancellors Ghana, Prof. Gabriel Adum Teye has questioned the existence of a job market to accommodate the thousands of graduates that are churned out annually.

He also stressed the need for to nurture students who will be able to think outside the box to create new job opportunities.

Prof. Adum Teye, who also doubles as the Vice Chancellor for the University of Development Studies noted that collaborations with higher institutions from more developed countries would help address these concerns.

He was speaking at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the French Embassy and Vice Chancellors Ghana.

“Currently we are having this debate of us producing students who cannot fit into the job market but the question is, does the job market even exist? It is on us the university to produce students who can think out of the box to create a job market for themselves and they should also be able to go out where there is a job market,” he said.

A major programme to tackle graduate unemployment in Ghana was launched on May 1 by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The programme which is known as Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) is operating on seven modules designed to meet the pressing needs of the nation while providing jobs for the teeming youth who have received a tertiary education but are struggling to find jobs.

The programme is expected to create 100,000 jobs in seven sectors of the economy including Health, Education, Agriculture and ICT.

It also forms part of government's commitment towards addressing the high unemployment in the country.

The programme is being managed by the office of the President and will be focused on alleviating shortfalls in public service delivery. Beneficiaries are to receive GHc700 as monthly stipends.

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