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11.09.2005 Regional News

Desist from showing contempt for country -Maulvi Wahab


Tamale, Sept.10, GNA - Maulvi A. Wahab, Ameer and Missionary in-charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana, has called on Ghanaians to desist from showing contempt or speaking ill of the country.

"This is the only surest way of showing love for one's country," he said Maulvi Wahab was addressing the 27th National Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organisation in Tamale on Saturday. Ahmadiyya youth from Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso attended the Convention, which was on the theme: "Love for one's country is part of faith".

The Ameer said: "Ghana is not perfect but that notwithstanding, Ghana still remains a great nation which commands respect in the comity of nation".

"Ghanaians should therefore, be proud of the country and show love through unity and determination to help raise its image to the heights that the founding fathers envisaged it to be"

Maulvi Wahab said it was important that the youth in particular cherished their divine given heritage and develop confidence in their ability to excel in all fields of endeavours.

"Your feeling for the country should not be a mere wishful thinking but translated into reality through work instead of dissipating your youthful energies on fruitless pursuits that will neither bring honour to you nor the country."

The Ameer likened the relationship between a citizen and his or her country to the relationship between a son and daughter with his or her mother and said: "just as every person would wish only the best for his or her mother, we need to entertain kind thoughts for our motherland and serve her with honesty and sincerity. This is the only way we can acquit ourselves creditably for the privilege of being Ghanaians." Maulvi Wahab advised the youth to stay in the country and work hard to enhance the growth of the national economy instead of migrating to developed countries for greener pastures.

He said: "remember it is this country that has sustained you for all those years and you need to make meaningful contributions towards its development".

The Ameer led the Convention in prayers to Allah for the peaceful and permanent resolution of the Dagbon crisis and the unity, peace, progress and prosperity of the country.