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The Government Of Liberia Embarks On Transforming The State As President George Weah Successfully Led His People In The First Five Months

The Government Of Liberia Embarks On Transforming The State As President George Weah Successfully Led His People In The First Five Months
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The foundation upon which His Excellency George Weah presupposed in building a new Liberia has never turned out to lie in the eloquence of his speeches, but by the many physical actions demonstrated in a short period of successful rule. His regime has become the most exuberant in the course of the country's history where men, women and children have been given the vast opportunity to brainstorm and far strike policy plans and actions so as to change the living conditions of the ordinary people in the homeland.

In his quest to lay the premises upon which the healthcare system, education system, agricultural sector as well as food and security, transportation, and as such the national economy are to be revamped, the first African 1995 Ballon d'or winner now head of state has fulfilled a huge promise in just five months. Such fulfilment which took the late opposition Unity Party twelve conservative years to incompletely demonstrate has drawn the attention of many neighbouring African countries, including partnering outside nations like the United States of America, China, Japan, France and even the International Community.

And as he begin to engage the various strategic issues that kept the state backward for series of broken years, his successes within the brief period worth applauding. He has embarked on emancipating the people and transforming the country of equal citizenship which was control by lot of broken leaders who presided over the broken state's resources for years without giving tangible evidence. In this embryonic CDC-led government, what has become paramount in making sure that the pro-poor mantra succeeds is the construction of roads and infrastructures, good subways, electricity, food and security amongst others. Since the foundation of the Liberian state in 1822, President George Weah has been the only leader to have overwhelmingly done a great job for his people for which they will continue to see him as the most celebrated African leader.

He is the only president who vowed to reduce his salary by nothing less than 25%. Though there have been series of unedited comments coming from demerited souls of the opposition that the president did not do better as per their poor and failed agenda, but it is clearly proven that the pro-poor mantra has greatly succeeded beyond the people's expectations. What more did the former ruling class did that President George Weah has not done in five months? His many contributions to the state and its people have earned him series of pages in world history. Take a glance below:

Healthcare and education
Knowing that health and education play a major role in the economic growth and development of the state, the president also immediately after his inauguration laid the foundation for the construction of the first Military Hospital and allocated US $500,000 for the renovation of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital.

Not withstanding, he also paid 34,000 students WASSCE fees, initiated the Installation of an online digital registration system at the nation's premiere institution of quality tertiary education; the University of Liberia, as well as the provision of free WiFi for students on the Capitol Hill Campus of the University of Liberia, and placed about 480 PSL teachers on Government payroll.

Food, Housing and Security
As part of the pro-poor agenda, President Weah deemed it germane that the issue of food, housing and security be handled expeditiously since the people were left in an unsecured atmosphere for twelve years under the mayhem of Ellenocracy and Boakaicracy. In dealing with this, he reduced the tariffs on all basic commodities imported into the country and about to lead off on a US $7 million housing project to develop rural and slum communities.

In an effort to keep the citizens safe from hostile social forces, the president also deployed police officers and some AFL personnels in the city to create checkpoints and help protect the lives and properties of the ordinary citizens. He further established a US 1 million credit line for small Liberian businesses. Also in making sure that the people are well kept under a secured condition, he installed 736 out of 2,000 street lights all over Monrovia, initiated discussions to maximize electricity through an alternative means.

Transportation, roads and infrastructures
Transportation, as being very important to the people of Liberia has now been handled and as such the great leader has enforced Mittal Steel to live up to their commitment to pave the Ganta-Yekepa road, and he began his negotiations to expand Robertsfield Highway into a 4 lane highway. To also reduce the stress or tension on those in the public, the president allocated funds to repair 32 NTA buses that seemed useless to the past regime to aid with public transportation.

And it has positively affected the movement of the citizens from one location to another. As a contribution to road and infrastructural development, he recently commenced the pavement of roads connecting the Doe Community to Clara Town and the changing of roofs on every homes in the Gilbratar Community.

National Budget
As a means of avoiding huge waste and budget shortfall the president declared that no one appointed official of government will make more than US$7,800 as salary and compensation per month including cabinet minister whom shall also make the same amount regardless the entity or government ministry. To save more resources that would contribute to the development of the state, he added that all the four thousand one hundred and forty employees with respect to ministers, directors, deputies and assistants will experience the salary cut as of the next fiscal year budget.

And all civil servants earning more than one thousand United States dollars such as those making between US$5,001- US$7,861 will will experience a 10% reduction, those making between US$2,500-US$5,000 will experience 7.5% reduction in salary, those making between US$1,501 to US$2,500 will experience 5% reduction in salary, those making between US$1,300 to US$1,500 will experienced 3.5% reduction in salary, and all state owned enterprises and autonomous government agencies will submit their yearly budget to the office of the president for perusal and final approval.

Fellow Liberians, with our tireless efforts and hard works we can make Liberia a better place for all and sundry. And with the president and the pro-poor agenda Liberia will rise and shine. Indeed President George Weah is making history. I foresee a new Liberia under President George Weah.

I stand with the pro-poor agenda!