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NOVIHA(UK) Celebrates Hogetsotso Festival


The Ewe-speaking people and friends of Eweland in the United Kingdom have celebrated through Noviha, their voluntary welfare association, the Hogbetsotso cultural festival(2005); a reminder of the great dispersal of the Ewes from the dictatorship and wicked rule of King Agorkoli in Togo.

The centuries old story of migration led to settlements in Hohoe, Matse, Peki, Awudome and other towns in what is the Volta Region of Ghana.

The very well attended evening festival was at Tottenham Green Centre on Saturday. It was graced by chiefs from the Volta Region (led by Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui VI Fiaga of Anyako/ Amugo Traditional Area and included Mamaga Miedoafe II, Queen mother of Anlo State, Togbi Klu Agudzeamega II, Dufia of Avenor) who bore testimony to the many development initiatives (in education , health and infrastructure development) by Noviha to the benefit of people in the region.

The Guest of Honor was Ghana's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Mr. lsaac Osei who praised the Association for its good leadership, discipline and vision which accounted for its standing as one of the best organised Ghanaian welfare Associations in the United Kingdom.

The targets set by the Association and the realisation of them, according to Mr. Osei, were in tune with the Government's own programme of improving education and health services.And since the Government could not do all, Noviha's objectives were worth supporting.

Ghana, the High Commissioner told the people (which included leadership of other Ghanaian association), gave its people a common identity notwithstanding ethnic background. Unity among Ewes should therefore not always be seen in a negative light but should be emulated in a good sense into the unity of Ghana.

On the historical migration that formed the basis of the festival, Mr. Osei said it proved the innate universal desire for human freedom and that where there was a will, there would always be a way.

On his part, Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui commended the Association for its many programmes especially, education in the Volta region. He also advised them to relate ICT development in Ghana to their education own efforts since the Government was doing so well to relate ICT to education.He commended government for deciding to pay the basic fees for primary education and said it would go a long way to help very deprived communities in the country.

The festival was chaired by Dr. John Goka and remarks were made by the President of the Association, Mr. B. B. K. Ayivor.