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May 18, 2018 | General News

Special Investigative Squad Dispatched To Tamale Following Police/Military Clashes

By Daily Guide
An injured policeman: a victim of the soldiers brutality
An injured policeman: a victim of the soldiers brutality

A team of investigators from the headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Department have been dispatched to Tamale by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to commence investigations into circumstances that led to the attack on some police personnel by soldiers within the Tamale Metropolis.

The investigators are to establish the cause of the attack and help bring the perpetrators of what the IGP described as “unprofessional act” to book.

Commenting on the attack, the IGP, Mr David Asante Apeatu, said the conduct of the said soldiers was part of efforts to mar the Police- Military relations.

“Why will anybody want to attack the police? Those soldiers, where will they report their cases if crimes against their persons or property are committed?”

He observed that a lot has been going on at the strategic level by the two-sister security services to stop these kinds of unprofessional conducts.

“The police administration believes in the constable maxim, 'he who controls his temper controls the situation', and I am hopeful in better police-military relations,” he posited.

He recalled that the police – military cooperation started long ago as they have jointly worked together as sister security services to ensure peace in the country in areas such as Operation Vanguard, Calm Life, among others.

Soldiers on Wednesday afternoon descended on police officers in Tamale in the Northern Region after one of their own was allegedly beaten.

The soldiers allegedly attacked any police officer found in the dark blue uniform in what appeared to be a free-for-all-fight among the security personnel.

Reports gathered have indicated that one of the soldiers was arrested by the police for allegedly assaulting his wife.

The said soldier, (name not yet known) managed to escape from police custody to mobilize his colleagues for a reprisal.

Any policeman found in the street was then beaten by the soldiers resulting in the injury of several police personnel.

Nine police officers were reportedly injured in the attack with some having injuries on their head and their uniforms soaked with blood.

Reports received also indicated that the angry police officers have retreated and are reportedly planning to launch their own reprisal.

Personnel have indicated that this is the second time they have been attacked this year by the military.

The Inspector General of Police has therefore called for calm in the area among his men as the investigators begin their work.

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