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Opinion | May 17, 2018

Open Letter to My Friend Ahmed Arthur: Ref OkaiKoi South

Dear Ahmed Arthur,

I missed some calls from you and one Rosemond, and more calls from your bidder Willie Sangmor. Soon you followed with a series of messages that would mar your reputation if I published. Anyway you went on and on and on accusing me of being NDC-like. I had a loud laugh though because it made for good comic relief. I really did not understand why you were so hell bent on tarnishing the image of a young lady who has a promising future ahead of her. Just imagine she were your sister and someone, say one of your bidders, did to her what you are currently doing, how would you feel? Chale stop it o, you are a man!

You see, before you became a Member of Parliament, someone else was in the hot seat, which you basically snatched from or took over, however you may want to describe the takeover. Basically, you campaigned as an opposing faction to win, so why do you now want to fight a potential candidate?

Never mind all that! Let it be known to you and your bidders who claim that I am doing someone’s bidding that I am not at all. On the contrary, I speak my mind without fear or favour. I am a man of my own and will always be. The funny thing is in the hypocrisy of accusing someone of something while they are doing the exact same. Neither you nor Victor Newman can pay me. In fact it is the love that I have for the NPP that makes me angry when people behave so selfishly. Gentleman, we have a party to keep in power for a long time, so do not be peeved when democracy is at work, after all our founding fathers promoted it from the onslaught. I only spoke to the Okai Koi South issues for the concern that I have for the general wellbeing of the Party that you people are not helping one bit. When the President pushes the wheels two rotations forward, grumpy people push it back once.

What was the meaning of the demonstration that you embarrassed the party with? Well, you are an intelligent human being, Ahmed Arthur, and you know that the way forward for us all is to maintain power by having a united front. I do not care about what posts are put out on social media or elsewhere, that is really not my concern. I guess the chatterers need a release valve, and that is granted in their playing field. But not you! You are far bigger than joining a demonstration all for the fear of a small girl, who seems to have gotten to you. Ah what are you afraid of? That demonstration was so ridiculous, some of your participants seemed to have gotten drunk before rallying in order to forget the shame that it certainly brought with it. Then you tell me that Victor Newman assaulted you! How? Ah, a whole MP like you? Where were your guards and supporters? Eii saaa, that is strange!

You tried to change Dakoa’s birth date as if she were of your groins, are you her father? Were you there when she was born? She was born in 1985, and was ten years old when the “Kume Pr3ko” demo took place. Were you not aware that even children joined that protest march? At one point, she was even a polling station agent working for you, so what happened? Why do you deny that? Is it guilty co?

Anyway, enough of that. All I want to say is that you should open up because what is yours can never be someone else’s no matter the machinations put in place. Similarly, what you have now that is destined to be someone else’s, you will certainly lose no matter the machinations you put in place. I do not want to begin asking you how your constituents and electorates have fared thus far since you assumed office as MP. I will leave that for another time, when I have ascertained the veracity of the rumours that are circling in your hood. Please understand that #PowerIsTransient

I will soon address your constituents, if you like, to give them a clue as to how to measure the performance of their leaders and what sort of questions to demand answers for. By the way, your name tells me you are a Muslim, and Ramadan is here with us, so I wish you Ramadan Mubarak. May ALLAH bless us all. Kukrudu 3shie rado rado rado!

By Fadi Dabbousi

Fadi Dabbousi Samih
Fadi Dabbousi Samih, © 2018

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