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May 16, 2018 | General News

Child Beggars To Be Put Into Orphanages

By MyJoyOnline
Child Beggars To Be Put Into Orphanages

Deputy Minister of Gender Gifty Twum-Ampofo has appealed to the public to seize giving money to child beggars on the streets.

Mrs Ampofo says the money these children make on the streets has become an incentive to remain on the streets.

She said it impedes the Gender Ministry’s efforts to get them off the streets.

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“Don’t give any child money,” she said.

“The difficulty is that they see the streets as more lucrative than restructuring them,” she said.

The Deputy Minister has appealed to good samaritans who want to help vulnerable children to take such donations to orphanages.

Speaking at a discussion on ‘Keeping Children in Families,’ in Accra, she added that the ministry is working to get the street children into orphanages so they can be assimilated into a home.

She mentioned that giving money to children on the streets only promotes child trafficking.

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Aid in Armed robbery
Mrs Ampofo further noted that some of these children are used by armed robbers to gather information or carry out operations.

“The small windows in the bathrooms of our homes are mostly without bugler proofs so the robbers get these children through them and they enter the house to open the door for them…," she said.

After the robberies they just send these kids back onto the streets,” she said.

She added that the general public should aid in rescuing the problem.

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