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Opinion | May 15, 2018

Okai Koi South and Matters Arising…What is happening?

Injunction versus injunction and imminent demonstrations, what kind of confidence Deficiency Syndrome is that? Is it all because a young lady has decided to attempt the parliamentary primaries when they are due? Haba! Why is it that my executive brothers and sisters in the Okai Koi Constituency don’t seem to understand the spirit of contest? What is it that the incumbent is afraid of? Scared that he would be beaten by a woman, and, therefore, wants to impose his own album?

And who said Miss Dakoa Newman was imported from Europe? That was the ugliest most unsavoury statement that a man with supposed tough balls would make about his frat sister. She just spent two years in the UK doing her Masters. So, as per the logic of the propagandist, it means that all those who furthered their education abroad and came back to run for positions were imported? What arrant nonsense! Dakoa Newman “imported”? Okay let me give you a brief about this young lady. First of all, she is a card bearing member of our great Osono Party. In 1995 she partook in the “Kume Pr3ko” demonstration even as a minor, risking her life for the emancipation of the country from the grips of a brutal stratocracy. In the 2004 general elections, she was a polling station agent at Awudome JSS. She was one of the campaign persons in Accra spreading the word for GOD, Country and The NPP, which actually impacted positively on the chances of my brother, Hon Ahmed Arthur, the same person who now feels intimidated by her presence.

I will advise the honourable MP to do his work in the constituency well and take good care of his constituents. After all, Dakoa Newman or someone else, he will lose if he does not do the right thing. If he would observe, all those who have used some form of takashi style of imposing their will on constituents have failed abysmally, “portor” as is said in the Akan parlance. You cannot bamboozle people and use that as an excuse for appointing delegates of your own will. There is a democratic system of selection and election, and the fact that someone is at the helm of affairs somewhere does not give them the right to forfeit the rights of their constituents.

Dakoa Newman, is currently a polling station executive at the Kaneshie Electoral Zone, and if she has fought for the party since her childhood up till now, having gone through the grueling documentation of evidence during the 2013 election petition, does that make her any less than the MP or any other executive? Besides, what is happening at the Okai Koi constituency has nothing to do with her. So an innocent young lady as Dokua Newman can stir up so much rubble to shake the foundation of men with heavy balls? Chaiii, then she must be the MP because it takes a human being with courage and balls to run a constituency as diverse as the Okai Koi South, be they man or woman. BUT SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ISSUES AT THE OKIA KOI SOUTH CONSTITUENCY. She is the founder of the Newman Foundation that has brought relief to many homes within the constituency, something that the MP and his executives should rather be doing. I think lessons must be learnt from the respect, tolerance, and conformism practiced by the former MP, Hon Nana Akomea, now MD of STC.

To set the records straight, this woman has nothing to do with the engineering of any crisis anywhere let alone her own constituency that she has toiled to see prosper. However, she owns her voice, and has the right to sound the alarm against anything untoward that may be happening within her parameters. But to go to all lengths to insult her father too, Mr Victor Newman, as someone unknown to the party is a bit reckless and foolish. Let me chip in a bit here. In this regard, Mr Newman, father of Dakoa Newman, is a founding member of the NPP. He has been the head of research for all the campaigns of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. He has been involved in putting together and implementing strategies, and other election plans. He was the one who collated the statistics prior to all the NPP general elections for the President Nana Akufo-Addo. So Ahmed Arthur, my brother, why do you slander the elders of the party? Are you becoming another Afoko?

Suffice it to say that you are creating rancour and invidiousness with the unacceptable handling of issues at your level. You must understand that it is only a slain chicken that will flutter the way you are right now. I pray that you will stop and show some maturity because the NPP is not Ahmed Arthur, but Ahmed Arthur is NPP. Before you try to forcibly take the twig out of the eye of an innocent NPP diehard lady, take the log out of your own!

By Fadi Dabbousi

Fadi Dabbousi Samih
Fadi Dabbousi Samih, © 2018

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