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01.09.2005 Press Review

EDITORIAL: Odododiodoo -NPP, any lessons?


During the NPP's first term (2000-2004), it won all by-elections. Some of the constituencies were the party's own and others had originally been won by the NDC.

Two by-elections in this 2nd term have been lost at a trot. The party can put a brave face to these results by saying that the NDC only retained what belonged to them. But really, we must not kid ourselves.

We go into elections to win, not to lose and make excuses! So the NPP lost Odododiodoo with an 8,000 deficit. That's much too much. It echoes the Asawase by-election earlier in the year when the NPP lost again with very diminished numbers.

So any lessons? Several actually. We are not going to outline them in this opinion; we think the party should carry out its own in-house dispassionate analysis of these results and arrive at honest and sincere conclusions that would show the way forward.

There are dangers ahead. Again we will reserve our comments on that for the time being. But there is one warning we must sound:If the NPP leadership jokes with 2008, and the NDC gets back, as sure as day follows night, a lot of them would thrown into jail - in retaliation.

This is not a threat from ADM; it is an NDC promise! If this isn't frightening enough, then let them fiddle on!