Who Am I -As A Sunday School Teacher

Feature Article Who Am I -As A Sunday School Teacher
MAY 8, 2018 LISTEN

Who am I as a teacher in the house of the lord? Most often when people hear about this question, they become devastated and without missing a beep begin to prophecy saying “I am a child of the most High, A royal Priesthood, A strong Believer, I am a Chosen generation and more and more and more” The Question about “WHO AM I” mostly push us to the wall searching for the true meaning of our existence. But as you read this wherever you are as a Sunday school teacher you must be aware of the good reward and the consequences that awaits us in the future as we perform our duty in His vineyard.

Surprisingly, the second wisest person I have ever met in my life, a Sunday School Teacher. A Sunday school teacher who happens to be a theoretical Physicist by profession. The second wisest person I met taught me how to combine humility and hard work to impact the world around me. I don’t say this about many people but whenever I see him, Oh my God I see an angel through him. Mother Theresa said “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is beginning of love “The wisest person welcomes everyone with a smile of hope and love making him exceptional among the rest. Even though the laws of physics disproves the existence of God but this wisest person is not moved by those laws or theories but continues to stand by his faith as he ushers children to the Lord’s Kingdom.

Sunday school is an educational institution, usually (but not always) Christian centered to children and other young people who would be working on weekdays. Sunday school was set up in the 1870’s in England to provide education to working children. It was through that the Methodist church in some towns withdrew from the large Sunday school and built their own. Perhaps the first Sunday school in all of Christendom was started by John Wesley, Charles Wesley and other colleagues of the Methodist Movement. Whiles as the pastor at The Church of England, John saw the need for Christian instruction among the children. During his ministry as a Sunday school teacher, one of his children came to class without shoes and almost everyone in the class made fun of the child. But the next day John Wesley prepared a sermon on barefoot! to teach the class. And from then there were no more teasing in the class. Right understanding and right believing would produce right living. And John Wesley was mostly concerned about Methodist being trained and equipped with right believing about the Gospel. John was determined to raise up as many Sunday school teachers who were well trained and equipped in the scriptures.

A Sunday school teacher is one who disciples and prepare children for eternity. Teaching in Sunday school is one of the greatest opportunities in the world to serve God because it is a life changing process. Teaching Sunday school involves spiritual curriculum, the Bible; it involves the Great Commission (Mathew 28:19 – 20) God’s calling and spiritual growth. The role of a Sunday school teacher is not just about teaching but also the responsibility for the spiritual welfare of his students. It goes beyond just communicating Bible truth. In this passage you can find the roles of a Sunday school teacher as stated below;

Many years as a Sunday school teacher, there is one thing I have learnt. In leading students to be Christ- like, a teacher need to motivate each student to explore God’s word. Mostly in my Sunday school class I begin each sermon with a funny story followed by a motivational speech to encourage the children positively. As a teacher you must plan ways to make learning excitement and fun.

Love is the strongest force of attraction that exist within the universe pulling two or more hearts together in peace. We mostly lead and teach by what we say. Teaching involves loving our students. But if we love one another God dwells in us and his love is protected in us. (1 John 4:7, 11- 12) As a teacher, you must first experience the love of God through Christ before you can really love your students. If we want our students to understand the love of God, we must remember we are His Ambassadors.

Children expect to see his/ her teacher’s commitment in his profession. Mostly as little as they are, they are true observers and can tell the behaviour of each and every teacher in his/her class. As a teacher you must be dedicated to your profession by being present every Sunday in class, speaking to their parents and planning extra curriculum activities. One day, a child in my class invited me for a naming ceremony being organized by her parents in their house but I was unable to attend. The next day in class, she came to class heart broken. She approached me and said to me “Sir, I waited all day long just to say thank you for coming but you never showed up. But I was heartbroken for not seeing you that day” I felt ashamed and pleaded for forgiveness.

The most effective teachers are those who show interest in their student’s lives. Part of this is being honest and open about growth. Quick to listen attitude and not always instructing them. As a Sunday school teacher you must accelerate the effectiveness of teaching God’s word as well as seeking parental cooperation because our task is not only to teach the children in class but also to encourage parents in raising up their children in the ways of the Lord.

Any great teacher is only a great teacher as long as they continue to grow. This is true of a Sunday school teacher as well. Luke 2:52 says that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and all the people. Basically he grew mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. A great example for any great Sunday school teacher. We can experience growth through prayers. Oswald Chambers said “ Prayer does not equip us for greater works, prayer is the greater work” As a Sunday school teacher, you must understand the fact that,it’s the power of God that brings about transformation and therefore a deep dependence on God exhibited through prayer is essential for the growth of a Sunday school teacher.

Apostle Paul was adamant about right teaching and right believing that his letter to Galatians was intended to clearly communicate the gospel. I believe a Sunday school teacher must be faithful to its Roots (Jesus the Great Teacher). Education has always been at the heart of solid Christian foundation by John Wesley. The mother church cannot be built firmly without the presence of a Sunday school. Whether we are doing Christian education in the nursery, children, youth or adult ministries, we do it because God has given us through the scriptures that Christian education might be the best way to become equipped to live victoriously as Christians in this world today. As teachers we must continually pray for support and be involved in the total education ministry in our church. God Bless all Teachers across the globe. Amen


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