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May 8, 2018 | Business Features

Pizarea Boss Appeals To Government To Legalize ‘Okada’ Business

Pizarea Boss Appeals To Government To Legalize ‘Okada’ Business

Mr. Henry Ameleke, C.E.O. of awards-winning Food ordering company, Pizarea, is appealing to the government to consider legalizing Okada operations in the country.

According to him, once Okada business is legalized, it will curb all those social vices such as thievery, stealing, pickpocketing in the country.

Speaking to FNNews, Mr. Ameleke was of the view that, the legalization of ‘Okada’ business in the country will give government full control over its activities. He noted that one cannot measure what he has no control over.

He also stated that more jobs will be created should the government consider legalizing the business as more youth will gainfully be engaged in one way or the other.

Mr. Ameleke advised the government can educate, form a Union to regulate, sensitize them, license and then help create job opportunities through dispatch and deliveries.

“It is high time government consider legalization Okada operations in the country. Some of these social vices such as robbery, thievery and pickpocketing will be curbed as Okada business is legalized.”

“See, more jobs will be created alongside because most of the Okada boys hail from the rural areas and they need to make a living.”

He concluded that the government in the long-run turn to benefit more by deriving revenue through taxes once Okada business is legalized.

“Economically, the government will derive more revenues from taxes from Okada operations.”


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