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31.08.2005 General News

Law School Boss lands in more trouble


...As witnesses expose his daughter's files The former officer in charge of student registration at the Ghana School of Law, Mr. Theodore Nartey Addy, yesterday confirmed to the committee of enquiry that the application of Miss Irene Ansa Asare was not submitted.

He indicated that one of the names of the qualified students was swapped with Irene Ansa Asare's.

He said when he heard that Irene was the daughter of the director and had been listed in the entrants, he complained verbally to him that, “I did not see the file of his daughter and followed up on two occasions but I did not get her file.”

He indicated when he went to complain verbally to the director, registration of students had ended and the students had finished the course.

Mr. Addy said before his departure, a lady by name Mrs. Sandra Coffie had been employed to take the mantle.

He said before his departure he told Mr. Peter Worglo that the director's daughter was not registered, but she was allowed to write the exams, emphasizing that “if a student is not registered he or she cannot write the exams.”

Mr. Addy said when he got to know that Irene Ansa Asare was included in the batch he was shocked since the students normally handed over their files to him.

He said the name of the director's daughter was not on the record of registration since he arranged the names of the students in alphabetical order.

He said after the exams he saw the pass list and saw the name of Irene Ansa Asare and was surprise to see her name since he did not register her.

Mr. Worglo, who had been asked to stay out, was called back to testify by reading the names of students who were registered for the 2nd batch of the post law course.

He mentioned the names of the registered students as, Ahulu Stanley Quarshie , Asante Emmanuel Pupuni , Appiah Francis John , Adjei Akua Adjeibea , Afrifa Kwame Yamoah, Mensah Kankam Melissa , and Owusu Kwabena Oboubi, adding that it did not include Irene Ansa Asare.

He said the pass list, however, included Irene Ansa Asare, but the name of Owusu Kwabena Oboubi was missing.

The embattled Law School Registrar, Miss Linda Doku, told the committee that the file of the daughter of the Law School boss got missing mysteriously at the office of the director.

According to the registrar, the file of Miss Irene Ansa Asare was found by Mrs. Dora Wilson, the secretary of Mr. Ansa Asare, on Thursday August 24, this year, after its mysterious disappearance.

Briefing the committee, Miss Doku told the panel that she is a registrar and chief administrator and the secretary of the Legal Education Board.

She told the committee that she was the public relations officer from February 2003 to March 2004 and became the acting registrar from March 2004 till October 2004 when she became the substantive registrar.

After being cross-examined by the committee members, the chairman told the Registrar to leave the witness seat and appear today with her relevant documents.