Young Entrepreneurs Challenged To Dream Big

BoD & Startups Young Entrepreneurs Challenged To Dream Big
APR 28, 2018 LISTEN

Would -be entrepreneurs, youth groups and students drawn from universities across the Western and Central regions have been encouraged to 'dream big' and allow nothing to kill their vision of becoming great business tycoons.

Mr Kwame Akonnoh Boohene, a Senior Member of the University of Cape Coast and the CEO of Ropat Systems Limited said, starting a business was not an easy venture and only took the courage and perseverance of the promoter to succeed.

He was speaking at a business seminar organised by the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, Cape Coast University Chapter in collaboration with the Global Youth & Adult Ministries (GYAM) on the theme: "Beloved, I wish you above all thing that you will prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers "(III John 2).

He said conceiving and starting a personal business only kept through personal inspiration and therefore anyone who wished to be a great business person must dream to solve a problem among humanity.

Mr Boahene said "God gives us His Spirit to enable us explore and believers in particular must utilise this God given spirit to better the lots of society".

One cardinal point that he elaborated on was the need for good human relations adding, pride must be nabbed in the bud if one wants to prosper in his/her life and serve God.

Dr Alex Yaw Adom, a Lecturer at the UCC School of Business and a Chief strategist of GYAM spoke to participants on the Funding Sources for Business Start-up.

He reiterated that 'without funds we have no business.

Dr Adom advised the participants not to go for loans but rather look for grants if they want to start a business.

He made an analogy that if ten students were taking GH¢ 1,000.00 and they decided to come together to start a business, then their initial capital would be ten thousand GH¢ 10,000.00 Ghana which could do a lot of things.

He also took the opportunity to brief them on some Embassies that gave grant for business start-ups.

Dr Aaron T. Asare, a researcher and an Agriculturist whose specialty is in sugar cane varieties also spoke on the topic: "Growing and maintaining your Business" intimated how a whole big tree was embedded in a small seed, adding that Business minded people created enabling environment for their business to grow well.

He said one could venture into many areas but that there must be one specific area of focus and urged them to be selfless to grow their business.

He encouraged the participants to share the knowledge acquired , 'generous in sharing ideas to those around and also get loyal people in helping to achieve the business objectives and by so doing, you are also bringing somebody up and this is what God expects from Christians.'

Mrs Sophia Brant, the leader of Global Youth and Adult Ministries (GYAM) stationed in the Western Region explained to the group the functions of the group and its focus on empowering the Youth.

She said Christianity was not only about spiritual matters but business ideas and physical development…"We have renowned Christians who are doing well in the business world.'

By Mildred Siabi-Mensah, GNA