Corruption Watch: Who Protects Whistle Blower?

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General News Corruption Watch: Who Protects Whistle Blower?
APR 25, 2018 LISTEN

In a society with high corruption rate, where paupers turn into millionaires overnight just because of some political appointment of the sought, exposing wrongdoers can be a very difficult crossroad decision, especially if one hopes to get a share of the booty.

But more difficult it will be, if that individual rises above the odds and decides to flashlight the rot surrounding him. That person could become the target of the 99 others who for their selfish desires, will pull the trigger on anyone who won’t kowtow to the system.

This week on 'Corruption Watch' on Joy FM, we take the whistle blower protection act.

It was passed to protect the identity of those who report ills in society so as to avoid victimization from their superiors and peers.

Zakaria Tanko Musah, a private legal practitioner explained to the Super Morning Show Wednesday that the investigative authorities have the legal right to protect whistle blowers.

“The law has a very extensive protection for whistle blowers,” he said.

He further explained that, the law makes provisions to ensure that if the officer receiving the whistle blower is reckless with protecting the identity, that the officer is brought to book.

“There are consequences for not protecting them,” he stated.

Executive Secretary of Ghana anti-corruption Coalition, Beauty Emefa Nartey (Mrs) who also spoke on the show, highlighted the need for the police officers and other investigative agencies to give the necessary education to whistle blowers.

“Up to date, citizens are not aware of the provisions of the act and how they can benefit from it…some of the officers are also not trained on how to receive whistle blowers,” she lamented.

She also highlighted on the traditional system where chiefs have to handle such whistle blowers.

She explained that the system of linguists being the channel between the people and the chief does not help as well.

Deputy Director of the Anti-Corruption Unit at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ); Dominic Hammond explained, his outfit constitutes panels to investigate reports and the recommendation they give “is equal to a High Court decision”.

Head of Public Education Unit at the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO), Jacqueline Avotri also spoke about the role her office plays when they have to protect the whistle blower.

"If we get to a situation where the security of a whistle blower can be compromised, we recommend police protection and also relocate the whistle blower and his family…,” Jacqueline Avotri said.

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