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26.08.2005 Politics

Moctar Bamba to Storm North

Ghanaian Chronicle

Aspirant for the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) national organizer slot, Alhaji Muctar Bamba, has reminded the party's large following that there is an urgent need to bring new faces with new ideas as well as people committed to the cause of the party.

"If the 2008 election is to be won again by the ruling NPP party, then, people with vision, dynamism and focus to the ideals of the NPP party must be put in positions of strength to lead the party to that victory," he urged.

Testing the pulse of the political heartbeat over the weekend, the former deputy Minister in charge of Presidential Affairs and two times Member of Parliament for Wenchi West, told his host- Miss Sophia Akumi of URA Radio in Bolga that with a lot of party organizational skills, as a member of the Regional Campaign team 1992 election, as well as that of the presidential team, Alhaji Bamba is capable of steering the affairs of the party to victory, come 2008.

Soon, the NPP will begin organizing various elections to various positions in the party structure, to pave way for its presidential aspirants to begin vying for the top slot.

Calling on URA radio in Bolgatanga last Friday, he was at pains to explain why and how some members of the NPP party had become timid and allowed opponents to take center stage and taking the NPP party to task over frivolous issues when important national issues were relegated to the background. Alhaji Bamba who resigned over a series of allegations, regrets that the inactivity of party was giving their opponents the chance to smear the government for only political reasons.

He said the current party structure was not defending the party from unnecessary attacks by opponents and assured that he would change that. The firebrand said there were many instances the party had kept quiet over issues that it should have taken up and which went a long way to affect government negatively. This, he said worried him.

Hon Bamba said he was coming to re-organize the fortunes of the party and willing to die for the cause of the party. He recounted how polling station agents, party financiers, constituency executives, to mention few, are all disillusioned. He regretted that despite their contribution to the successes of the NPP, they were denied support in the form of opportunities, which very often went to their opponents.

Asked why he wanted to be the organizer, Hon Bamba said his interaction and frequent visit to party followers had showed deep-seated resentment against leaders of the party and the way the Party was run. "They have complained about how party structures are very dormant as if there were no various heads," he explained.

Touching on his political fortunes, Bamba said anybody who had any allegation or case of wrong doing against him should go to court. The two-time Member of Parliament intimidated that there were people who thought that, with the unsubstantiated allegations against him, leading to his resignation the end of his political career ha d come, but he had begun to serve notice to all such people that they were mistaken.

He was worried also that foot solders were not taking care of, which neglect, had led to complaints from this section of party faithfuls.

He however urged them not to relent or give up and charged them to still stand fast and support people like him to give the party a new vision and leadership.