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25.08.2005 Press Release

Rejoinder: Collecting Money Through Moneygram is Frustrating

GhanaWeb Correspondent

SG-SSB has noted the issues raised in the article entitled: “Collecting Money Through MoneyGram is Frustrating.”

As a bank, we are very sensitive to the needs of all who walk through our doors, and we work hard to secure the confidence of our customers. The success of our money remittance service “MoneyGram” is grounded on the fact that we have provided a very secure and reliable system of money transfer over the years. MoneyGram is currently the fastest growing money transfer service in the world.

Mindful of the possibility of impersonation and false representation, and in line with the “Know Your Customer” policies aimed at preventing fraud, we have had to restrict our means of identification to Passport, Driver's License, and Voter ID cards. These means of identification have been proven to be relatively more credible because of their security features and the difficulty in reproducing them.

We have taken these measures in the best interest of our customers.

We wish to apologise to the journalist in question for any inconveniences caused, and assure him that our refusal to accept his press card is not an attempt to question his credibility. Rather, it is an action intended to protect his interest and that of all those we have business relationships with.

We will continue to strive to provide our customers with the best service.