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Apr 16, 2018 | Press Release

Andi Responds To Trump –“Shithole”

By Advocates for National Development International
Andi Responds To Trump –“Shithole”

It is completely out of order, unexpecting and ungentlemanlike to hear such a wrongput definition from a whole president of the United States of America, His Excellency Donald Trump. All modern nations, like the USA, have gotten independence and sovereignty which implies ancient colonisation is absolutely distinct; neither dictation nor slavery is still living. Assistance, coordination and brotherhood have however taken root between nations worldwide for a purpose; In effect, when there is no “need”, there’s no “help”, so why then do you boast of been in the position to help, not to talk about the extent of insulting the needy.

Ghana has over the years and presently been a stronghold to international trade and hospitality, a dependable carrier and the future of world peace and its continuity, a nation where the world reflect for resources, for world transformation and so much more. In spite of these, we have gotten no form of applaud from our great beneficiaries like the mentioned country than a spit on us; spitting on us because you think you’re financially rich and we’re financially otherwise, forgetting that whoever is rich in anyway was once poor. The statement from the United States of America to Ghana (and Africa countries) as “shithole countries”, is extremely insulting, disappointing and indecent to us, and we want to make it clear that no Ghanaian or African individual accepts that, said in early 2018. We are NOT shithole!

Yes, it is great to be powerful, but except divine, every power has gotten a limit. We plead with the US government to swim in their power and never live to cause harm to millions of people at a time, some of which have not even heard from you and your country before and most of which have done nothing to receive this kick. If you think knocking at your door for help should call for this unfortunate statement, then we believe you will never knock at anyone’s door as well –this is not possible, and we know, that no modern country is absolutely self-reliant; should this be the case, then why the call for alarm?

The United States of America should know and understand our Ghanaian saying which implies that even if the poorest man on earth becomes poorer, his cloth remains precious to him. We’re proud Ghanaians and Africans; we are proud of our country, we’re proud of our culture and forever shall we be. We’re not going to adopt or accept any value or practice which is not within our faith as Ghanaians; neither do we expect any maltreatment from any source due to our intentions. The USA has been “playing” with Ghana since immemorial and we believe if you don’t have a permanent friend, then it is beyond comprehension to permanently define one’s state of being. You denied our relationship uninformed. We trust it shouldn’t be so; after all to remain a sinner is better than to remain a hypocrite.

The Advocates for National Development International (ANDI) and the entire communities of Ghana and beyond is certain of such definition as nothing but a mistake, an unplanned utterance which will give birth to a continues admission of guilt and apology, mainly because stepping on a friend’s toe, in life, is inevitable. We truly hope too that your comment will not repeat itself but will rather be the very cause for a better integration of both of us and to our entire sister nations; that we shall not only continue to live in an absolute harmony but in a friendly manner. We Ghanaians do appreciate your effort for been of help to us in times of request and otherwise. We love and respect you (Americans) and we hope that you will do the same. In God We Trust!

A message from:
Advocates for National Development International (ANDI)


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