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24.08.2005 Diaspora News

Ghana Social Democratic Movement is Registered.

Prince Aidoo Junior

(Registered in Accra : Code 1963. Act 179. No. G – 15.675)

Where is Ghana heading to?

Fellow countrymen, "I have often been accused of pursuing a `policy of the impossible`. But I cannot believe in the impossibility of demanding freedom and justice any more than I could ever have thought of the impossibility of attaining Justice in Ghana". “The Party of the New Generation (GSDM) is registered. Our vision is, we shall never be satisfied until Ghana is free again”

Fellow men, women and children of Ghana, kindly lend us your ears. After 49 years of our painful episode in our history, Ghanaians thought they were set-free from neo-colonialism, corruption, nepotism, tribalism and dictatorship, and rightfully expected a new leader with vision, a leader with wisdom, a leader with compassion, a God-fearing leader, a leader who is not selfish, a leader who is opposed to tribalism, nepotism, a leader with charisma, a leader who is opposed to corruption, a leader who can motivate his people, a courageous leader, a leader who does not tell “LIES” to his people just to win their votes, a leader with compassion. Fellow men and women of Ghana, is that what we see from any of our politicians and leaders of this country today after 49 years?

After 49 years of our independence, politicians of today share the same characteristics; intellectual arrogance, deceitful, corrupt practices and nepotism. With these character traits, they have toyed with our hopes, destroyed our nation, and tarnished our good name world-wide. Sadly, they have succeeded to a large extent, in making tribalism an ugly feature in our society. The victims in all this are our children whose hopes for a brighter future grow dimmer everyday. By their greed and corruption, the politicians have deprived our children of basic healthcare and a decent education. Our farmers and fishermen, tradesmen are also victims. Day in and day out, they are forced to feed the nation tilling the earth with rudimentary technology, and yet they are deprived of decent living and healthcare. We Ghanaians in the Diaspora despite our social and economic contribution, we are respected nor regarded to be Ghanaian with equal rights. As Ghanaians are forced to deal with declining living standards, armed robbery and other crimes have hit the stratosphere. Our nationals and professionals are forced to leave the country for survival. And our leaders, from all indications, seem to be lost in a sandstorm, groping for answers. Corruption is now the food they eat.

Millions of dollars are squandered by numerous politicians and leaders every day cannot be accounted for, neither can any president hold the embezzlers accountable because their hands are also stained. They have failed our motherland.

The birth of the GHANA SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT (GSDM) Motto: “Peace and Justice”

GSDM, for this reason, is born to stay, and call for Justice. This Loyal and undisputed Political Movement, was established in Europe in 2001 with its vision to intervene in our disgraceful political scene and to pick-up the pieces left over in our 49 years painful political history. The cry of our people in Ghana has been heard Overseas. The sorrows and tears of our people are ours. They will never walk alone. Ghanaian citizens abroad who are known to hate: injustice, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, hatred, lies and wickedness, have set-up their urgent aim to appoint convicted loyal leaders in this generation to lead the country and deliver their people once again from social and political bondage.

Fellow countrymen, It gives me great pleasure to be here and to inform you today that at long last the dream of many for a true Freedom, Peace and Justice in Ghana will finally materialize with the creation of the Ghana Social Democratic Movement. This will be the greatest demonstration for “Peace and Justice” in the history of our nation. I am overwhelmed and emotionally disappointed, at the very thought of the precious blood of our forefathers shed in their struggle, to wrestle freedom and power from the imperialists, in perception of ensuring and guaranteeing better lives, human dignity and decency for their offspring, being a total waste. I am convinced that they are restlessly turning in their graves, weeping their eyes out, licking their wounds in regret and biting their fingers in doubt knowing that no one is calling for social Justice?. One may wish to know why we have arrived at this sad state of existence? The present day Ghana is in total disarray, a complete divergence from the conceived aspirations for a better Ghana by our forefathers. They carried out their vision in collective selflessness, denying themselves any acts of individualism, with the hope that in the end, the achievement of their cherished dreams, the liberation of Ghana, the then Gold Coast, from the shackles of mental, physical, and psychological slavery, as well as from white colonial domination and superiority in our own land would justify the struggle. Has the present day Ghana justified the sacrifices of human lives and arbitrary imprisonment suffered by our forefathers at the hands of the colonialists, all for the benefit of posterity? The immeasurable efforts and sacrifices made in the face of the then obvious hostilities to procure freedom for us have now come to naught. Fellow countrymen, today, Ghana is like a ship with visionless captains at the helm, unable to decide the direction of our hard won political freedom. ”Try and error” has become the anthem of the day. Our past and present leadership are doomed, heading uncontrollably towards a point of no return. One may ask how many academics and intellectuals Ghana has produced in the past 49 years and yet finding ourselves in such an unpredictable situation?. Apart from our forefathers, who really had ambitious plans for Ghana right from its very inception at liberation, but which drive was sadly cut short by the military dabbling into politics, all the subsequent leaders have had no clear-cut realistic plans or programmes to wrestle Ghana from her downward spiral. Today´s leaders are practically visionless and clueless, without the gut nor courage to carry through to manifestation whichever good intentions they might have entertained. They always settle for what has now become the order of the day, selfishness, corruption, oppression, dictatorship, nepotism, tribalism, non-chalance and embezzlement of public funds by either themselves and or their cronies. These nation wreckers sold Ghana´s dignity for just $30.000.00 to the good wishes of our nation. Today we are all witnesses to the end results of our purchasing power. Whatever good intentions they claim to have had by selling our country to the imperialists are as shallow as they themselves have no far reaching sight to foretell the end result of any such intentions. We are now beggars in our own country. Fellow countrymen, today our beloved Ghana is weeping and wailing because of the inaction and or actions of her sons and daughters to their own demise. Almost everyone is guilty of some act of some sort. For lack of collective courage, we were silenced by bunch of sycophants and self-styled leaders while we stood afar and stared for a few callous politicians and military adventurists to take our country for an insane ride and treat us with impunity, contented in their warped minds that being in government or politics is the only arena for amassing wealth, commanding respect and ordering people about. The majority of us sat down either with arms folded or twirling our fingers, lost in thoughts of disbelief, with gaped mouths as though nothing mischievous was happening at the other-side of the river. We were (and are) like a conquered people. We have come here today to dramatise an appalling condition. In a sense, we have come to our nation's capital to demand at all cost what is due to the people of Ghana which is our “Freedom, Peace and Justice”. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every Ghanaian was to fall heir. This note was a promise that every Ghanaian citizen would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, justice, accountability, security, free education and the pursuit of work and happiness; the rule of law and social democracy. It is obvious today that these nation wreckers and selfish political leaders have defaulted on this promissory note insofar as Ghanaian citizens in and outside the country are concerned. Instead of honouring this sacred obligation, disgruntled politicians by their very deeds, have given the Ghanaian a bad check which has come back marked "insufficient justice." But we, the “Ghana Social Democratic Movement” refuse to believe that the “Bank of Justice” is bankrupt. We refuse to accept that there is insufficient justice in the great vaults of opportunity in this nation. So we have come to demand our “Freedom, Peace and Justice” check that our forefathers promised us. A check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice. We have also come to remind Ghanaians of the fierce urgency of “Justice”. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of freedom and justice. Now is the time to open the doors of opportunity to all Ghanaians. Now is the time to lift our nation from the political and tribal injustice to the solid rock of love and brotherhood. It would be foolhardy for the Ghanaians to overlook the urgency of purpose of the Ghana Social Democratic Moment, and to underestimate the determination of the new uprising. The legitimate discontentment of Ghanaians will not go away nor die until there is Freedom, Peace, Justice and equality of opportunity for all in this country.

What have our children learned from these wicked, selfish, murderers, hypocrites, liars, and above all corrupt leaders? Have we learned our lessons? When shall we be satisfied? No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until freedom, social justice, accountability and democracy rolls down like the waters into a mighty stream. No, we shall not be satisfied until the Ghanaian is left in peace, and capable of managing our own affairs. No, we shall not be satisfied until Ghanaians realise that we can unite and break our tradition, culture, language, economic, social and political and ideological differences and shall ensure that never again shall united Ghanaians sit down for some one to be seen above the law of this republic. That is the pledge of Ghana Social Democratic Movement. With our commitment, Ghana shall be set-free once again from imperialism and neo-colonialism forever. God bless you.

Statement by:

Prince Aidoo Junior Ghana Social Democratic Movement