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Opinion | Apr 12, 2018

What Is Man?

What is man? Hmmmm! It began with some few meditations on the question King David was asking God in the book of Psalms chapter eight verses four. He asked God one single question: What is man that God is mindful of? Beloved, if we pay attention today, we shall be blessed and change for good.

Reader, please have you ever thought of why demons and angels look for man (not trees or animals) to use. There is an armed robber planning robbery somewhere and he is not planning to go and rob a tree but to rob man. Jesus came and he was asked, why are you here? He said I came to die. Aaarh! For who? He replied, man. Moses died and immediately he died in less than 1 minute Satan appeared and God’s representative also appeared. For what? For the body of a man. So I asked myself, what is man? Pastor, you established a church and immediately you don’t look for goats to occupy the pews, you look for men.

Why? When a child is born, we look for men to celebrate with and when a man dies we look for men to mourn with. What is a man? Why did Herod commanded the entire army to kill all men under the age of two (2) because another man was born?. Why did the bible say if I don’t treat my wife (who is a mere man) well my prayers will be hindered not because I stole but because I didn’t treat another man well. What is in man at all? God could replace water with fire and replaced hunger with abundance but God has never found an alternative for man. When man sinned I was thinking God will permanently wipe the earth and create something else but God said No! He came to die for man even whiles man was sinful!! What is in man at all?

Manager, you have sacked almost everybody from your company because you are the boss, fine. Its your company. Ghana, you have men in their number so we could burn some and steal from some and then we come back with boldness to defend our rights. Politicians, men voted for you and you came and stole from men, anyway. Young pastor, you started ministry and God blessed you with men who carry talents and treasures but your pride, insecurity and arrogance drove them away and you stand void of knowledge on that pulpit and say God knows those who will stay, really? Is that scriptural? Minister, when you are invited to go and sing and preach, no matter how anointed you are if you just meet empty pews, Massa you may resign ministry, why? You were not called to preach to pews you were called to minister to men. Man is a mystery. Please if any man ever told you that you don’t need any man, that man is your enemy. Delete their numbers. If man was not necessary God will not come and live in man when there are trees and rivers. There are many people reading this today who have gotten a job without interview. Why? A man came forth to wipe their tears through man’s endorsement. Bible said we should treat men with caution because out of these people have entertain angels unaware.

Man is a mystery designed by God to convey spiritual virtues for maximum results. If you take men for granted you will be stranded. Many down-trodden giants are men who took another man for granted. Please note these sister, you are too important and significant that the bible said ‘’for there is this treasure in earthen vessels’’, meaning God has deposited every answer a man needs in life into another man. The man you look down on today, you will look up to tomorrow. Write this down. It is not a prophecy, it is a surety. Man is God’s highest creation on earth. Man is too significant to be taken for granted by another man. We have studied philosophy, we have studied zoology, we have studied economics, we have studied mathematics, pastors boast of studying theology and all sorts of courses, thought by who? Man. But we have not taken time consciously to study about men. There is no course about men. Please get this; the answer to your financial burden is in another man’s pocket. When God want to answer the prayer of a nation he doesn’t send rain, He dispatches a man. When God want to answer the prayer of a man He sends another man.

Let me end with a question: the last man you drove away because of ego and your pride, what did you drive away? Could that be your miracle? Think of this!

R. Duafah
([email protected])

Richmond Duafah
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