23.08.2005 General News

NPP Condemns Mills ...

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.. and NDC OVER GIZELLE, CHRAJ The NPP has condemned Professor John Evans Atta Mills and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the attempts to cast doubts on the integrity of Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

The NPP also lambasted them for using the “controversial” Madam Gizelle Yazji as a tool for political mischief.

The party noted that it was unfortunate for Prof. Mills to succumb to the use of outright lies and misrepresentation of facts to score cheap political points and stressed that “all the army of unemployed youth, prostitutes and street hawkers are the creation of the Rawlings cult, which includes Professor Mills.

A statement signed by the press secretary of the NPP, Mr Kwado Afari, said the NPP really understands why the eminent professor and the NDC would want to sacrifice decency and truth on the altar of political expediency.

The statement said after taking a hard look at the way and manner the NDC and its apologists in the media have turned politicking and the quest for power in the country, the NPP has decided that the time has come for the citizens of this country to take hard decisions about the future of Ghana.

The statement also stated that the NPP indeed finds it unacceptable that the NDC in its quest to win political power has decided to cross all the lines of good taste, human dignity and decency.

“Particularly so when the diabolical plot to drag Madam Yazji to Ghana seems to have failed,” the statement added.

The NPP also rejected the NDC's notion that the quest for political power should be based on propaganda, extolling lies, character assassination and plain misrepresentations of facts to spread fear and unnecessary suspicion among the citizens of this country.

“It was very ironic that the professor could distort facts so brazenly as if nobody lived in Ghana during the period of the twenty year misrule of the Rawlings cult.”

The statement emphasised “that is the tragedy, a tragedy that seeks to sell befuddled economic reasoning as truth to Ghanaians who lived through the failed economic and social policies of both PNDC and NDC.”

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