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23.08.2005 Crime & Punishment

CEPS intercept vehicle carrying smuggled cigarettes


Ho, August 23, GNA - Alhaji Osman Zidani, a Principal Collector of CEPS in Charge of Preventive Ho Sector, has suggested the construction of speed ramps in communities close to CEPS barriers to facilitate the arrest of vehicles suspected of conveying smuggled goods and other dangerous items likely to endanger the security of the state. Alhaji Zidani made the suggestion following the arrest on Tuesday morning of a saloon with 2,600 bundles of foreign cigarettes valued at 208 million cedis at Frankadua.

The speed ramps at Frankadua had slowed down the car that made it easier for CEPS personnel to catch up and arrest the driver. The driver had sped away on reaching CEPS barrier at Asikuma. He said smugglers had adopted the strategy of slowing-down on reaching CEPS barriers only to speed-off at top speed. Mr Zidani said the erection of the speed ramps should be the short-term measure while efforts were made to provide CEPS with high-speed six cylinder vehicles to match the speed and quality of cars being used by smugglers.

He explained that such speed ramps would minimize dangers in having to chase such vehicles at great speed through communities. The Ho sector of CEPS has since July intercepted 2,158 pieces of African prints worth 109 million cedis being smuggled into the country through the eastern frontier.