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19.08.2005 Gossips

Theresa Kufuor Knew Of The Twins (0)

Ghana Palaver
Theresa Kufuor Knew Of The Twins (0)

Following the dramatic admission by Ms Giselle Yazji, the lady at the centre of the "Hotel Kufuor" scandal that she has twin children with President John Agyekum Kufuor on JoyFm last Tuesday, "Ghana Palaver" can also confirm that Mrs Theresa Kufuor, wife of President Kufuor, has known about the twins all along but has been put under Presidential, political and religious pressure to keep quiet about it and pretend that all was well "for the sake of the Presidency and the image of Ghana."

This information was withheld from the public following Mss Yazji's previous denial on Radio Gold that she had had twins with the President. In that interview, she stated that she had even not been pregnant for the last 18 years.

The truth however is that following that birth of the twins on 23rd April, 2003, some "okro mouth" First Lady spies close to the President informed Auntie Theresa who "went bananas."

As the story goes, Mr Kufuor threatened a divorce, but being a Catholic could not carry out her threat without Papal dispensation.

Her son, who was alarmed at the threat, alerted a revered and respected Catholic Bishop (name withheld for now) who is now retired and requested his intervention for the sake of the family, the President, the Party and the Republic. The retired Catholic Bishop duly intervened and the marriage was saved, but our sources say that since then, the domestic life in the Kufuor home has been anything but harmonious.

Observers note that with the latest exposure and confirmation of Presidential amorous indiscretion and misbehaviour, President Kufuor now joins or rather leads the growing list of NPP political bigwigs who have breached the Constitution's injunction against "moral turpitude" as contained in Article 94 (2) (c) (i) of the Constitution.