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19.08.2005 General News

OWASS Alumni To Build Computer Complex

Papa Owusu

Following in the tradition of successful professionals giving back to their community, the United States Branch of Opoku Ware School Old Boys Association (Akatakyie) are on a mission to build an ultra-modern computer science Center for their School. This science facility -- which includes a computer library, conference rooms, faculty offices, and an auditorium, with the entire facility wired to the World Wide Web -- is a magnificent project that could turn Opoku Ware School into an IT powerhouse and future grounds for the development great computer minds like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Last year, the association's fundraising effort for this project yielded an impressive $30,000 US dollars. And come this Labor Day weekend in the United States, the Akatakyie are again converging at a hotel in the Washington Metropolis to raise a hefty target sum of $50,000 to finance the last phase of the Computer Science Center.

With the completion of the center, the school plans to commence an advance level computer information systems curriculum. This will not only raise the level of academics but it will also be in tune with the current government plan to make Information Technology the bedrock of the country's development.

Having already built the project through to the mid-way stage, it is a forgone conclusion that this United States Branch of Opoku Ware Past students are bent on achieving their modest but impressive goal. The eventual completion of this project will mark the first hi-tech facility of any Ghanaian secondary school, and more importantly it will highlight the new era of Old Boys direct financial contribution to their schools. Given the huge influx of Ghanaian professionals in United States and other western countries, mobilizing at this level financially on large scale could mean a massive transfer of financial assistance to Ghanaian educational institutions.

What this group of old students started as casual reunion meetings is quickly ballooning into an effort of immense financial transfer to their alma mater. Initial patronage of their reunion effort was small and tepid and did not amount to any substantial fundraising effort. However over time, as the group came up with a vision to contribute financially by way of putting up a monumental project, the group's efforts has gotten more serious and focused.

To Akatakyies out there, September 2 - 5, 2005 is the next reunion dance at the Sheraton Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. This is your opportunity to catch up with old friends and classmates, and to contribute to the monumental Computer Science facility. A contribution to your alma mater is a contribution to Ghana education.