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18.08.2005 General News

Gizelle aborts trip to Ghana


The former government advisor Gizelle Yajzi, who was due in the country today to back her allegations of corruption against president Kufour, will not arrive today.

Madam Yajzi told journalists at news conference via telephone today that her reservation to fly British Airways to Ghana was cancelled.

But the flight number she gave as the scheduled BA flight expected at 7:55pm flight number 5415 this evening is different from tonight's scheduled flight.

Enquiries by JOY News have however revealed that the BA flight arriving in Accra tonight is BA 081.

At the press conference called by the group facilitating Madam Yajzi's trip, Friends of the Truth, the former government advisor appealed to the authorities to extend her visa for another month.

Enquiries made by JOY News on Wednesday revealed that although Madam Yadzji made reservations on Friday through American Airlines, which has a code sharing agreement with BA, the reservations were cancelled on Tuesday night.

This revelation followed allegations by Madam Yajzi that Ghana's High Commissioner to London Isaac Osei had impressed upon BA officials not to allow her to board the flight because visa expires on Sunday.

But Ghana's High Commissioner to the UK discounted that allegation.

Gizelle Yajzi's Ghanaian visa expires on Sunday.

Madam Yajzi's evidence to CHRAJ was supposed to have implicated president Kufour in the purchase of the multi-million dollar hotel near his residence.

Presidential aids had always maintained that Madam Yajzi was a discredited witness.