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18.08.2005 General News

Gize-Hala: British Airways Fingered


A star witness at the center of the Hotel Kufuor controversy, Gizelle Yazji will not be arriving in the country after all as announced. Madam Yajzi was expected to arrive in the country at 7:55pm on board a British Airways flight no 5415 today, but she claims her reservation was cancelled on Tuesday.

Madam Gizelle Yajzi disclosed this to journalists at a press conference in which she spoke via telephone to journalists from London. She said no reason was assigned for the cancellation of her reservation and mentioned no name but was quick to add that her reservations was restored when she spoke to British Airways Officials.

Madam Yajzi's Ghanaian visa will expire this Sunday and she has pleaded with the government to extend it for another month to enable her come to the country and present her document to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice.

However according to PeaceFM the British Airways flight to arrive in the country tonight at the same time Madam Yajzi is expected to arrive is flight BA number 081.