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March 27, 2018 | Feature Article

Afful-Broni revealed himself on the PULPIT and promulgated a culture of silence

Afful-Broni revealed himself on the PULPIT and promulgated a culture of silence

University of Education (UEW) 2007 Statute 7 (d) stated inter alia: In the event of a temporary absence of both the Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor, from the University or when both posts are vacant, the most senior Dean shall act until Council is able to make a formal appointment. Yet Afful-Broni shamefully takes delight in the fact that he allowed the University of Education, Winneba Council to flout the Statute of the University by appointing him Acting Vice-Chancellor instead of the most Senior Dean. Yet this man claims he is protecting the Statute of the University? This man is power hungry! This man is evil. This man, Afful-Broni, is worse than the devil. May catholicism punish him.

Sunday 25 March, 2018 was a dark day in the history of the Catholic Church among the members in the University of Education, Winneba community. Rev father Afful-Broni, revealed his true self-affirming the long held belief within the University community that everything happening in UEW is because of his greedy desire to be Vice-Chancellor at all cost. The audio recordings are available and trending on social media. He insult people on the pulpit for nearly 30 minutes. The short audio recorded is 16 minutes! In the audio recordings, some church members were retorting to what he was saying. Some could be heard mocking him. Others clapped in affirmation to how he was revealing himself while he ignorantly thought they were applauding him for making sense. Some people left the Church.

In the audio recording, Afful-Broni descended to the lowest level of priesthood by making himself a judge. He ruled on the cases pending before court, pronounced people guilty and declared that ‘they will never come back’. He commanded that he was going to resist lecturers who will talk about the happenings within the University in during lectures. This confirmed stories making the rounds that he was the one who provided knowledge to Alhassan Salifu Bawah to write that rubbish warning students not to visit some lecturers or demonstrate. How on earth can a Catholic priest, a former Pro-Vice-Chancellor behave that way? How could he try to silence the University community? He talked about private loans that people took etc. I thought we confess to priests because they are trusted to be confidential! What a disgrace of a priest! My Holy Catholic Church is being ridiculed by this black cassock priest.

I am worried that a Catholic priest will flout two important provisions of the 1992 Constitution and cardinal human values. In the dark days of military rule, the Church led a campaign to support civil society to challenge the culture of silence. Freedom of speech was enshrined as part of the entrenched provisions in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana (cf. Chapter Five). Since then limitations on freedom of speech have long gone. The media space expanded tremendously. President Kuffour repealed the criminal libel law that was used gag freedom of expression by Criminal Code (Repeal of the Criminal and Seditious Laws (Amendment Bill), Act 2001. He doesn’t understand the principles of academic freedom? He doesn’t understand rule of law? He doesn’t understand Constitutional rule? He doesn’t understand the law of evidence? He doesn’t understand a thing about procurement processes? He doesn’t know the provisions of the Public Procurement Act and its effects? This man is such a disgrace! He makes street arguments. He makes a public fool of himself. God revealed and disgraced him on 25 March, 2018. Mark that date.

Afful-Broni and his Registrar have the courage to threaten the police command in Winneba that they have links within the police hierarhy to transfer them if they do not tow vehicles from the Vice-Chancellor's residence to police station. They are so ignorant they do not know that police do not take command from civilians! What is most shameful is that Afful-Broni insulted the Catholic community in stating that most of the money he makes is invested in the Church. He boasted so much about this in the audio recording. Let someone tell him that the Catholic Church can make much progress without him. His hypocrisy is killing the Church. His wickedness and division is destroying the Catholic fraternity in UEW. Anyone who doubts this claim should visit the Church in town and check the number of people who have left the campus church. He should stop parading himself as a priest. We have seen better days with good priests. There are many priests who have done many things for the Church without talking about it on the pulpit. Many have done charity work without ever commenting on it.

Afful-Broni is depleting the resources of the University and causing financial loss and claims he is protecting the resources? He is warning students and lecturers not to raise basic questions while claiming he is empowering the University community? The soul of UEW is dead. Lecturrs and students are subjects of ridicule. Now Afful-Broni wants a culture of silence? God will punish him. One day, Afful-Broni will meet his disgrace. Whatever he worships will disgrace him soon. For no object of worship takes the blood of the innocent for an unjustifiable course. Sheer wickedness is not relished in any system of worship. No. Never! May the Holy mother, Mary judge him. May the Almighty God judge him.

Eric Appiah
Son of a poor fisherman observing events in UEW

Eric Appiah
Eric Appiah

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