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17.08.2005 General News

Gizelle is not our key witness- NDC

By Network Herald.
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) says Gizelle Yajzi is not its key witness in the controversial 'Hotel Kufuor' saga.

Even though the party admits Madam Yajzi's evidence could be crucial to investigations into the Hotel case, it insists it has no special interest in the testimony as a political party beyond the search for the truth.

“The NDC is not relying on Gizelle Yajzi to unravel the mystery behind the purchase of the hotel yet the party will welcome her evidence once it will be able to bring out the truth,” acting general secretary of the NDC, Bede Ziedeng said.

Mr Ziedeng told the Network Herald of the NDC's preference for the setting up of a bi-partisan committee to investigate the matter, which he said, would obtain its facts from the banks involved in the negotiations if such a committee was approved.

“ This would help expose the truth even if Gizelle Yajzi is not able to produce any concrete evidence to back her claims,” he said.

He said the party also has the option of impeachment open.

According to him since it was not the party that took the matter to CHRAJ, it has absolutely no hand in the expected arrival of Madam Yajzi and so “the description of Gizelle Yajzi as NDC star witness is without any basis.”

Mr Ziedeng says he strongly believes that President Kufuor is scared of Madam Yajzi's evidence, which explains why he does not want to facilitate her intended visit to the country.

He said this gives more room for anyone to suspect the President's involvement in the purchase of the hotel.

The acting general secretary denied the NDC's influence on “ Friends of Truth” that has decided to protect Madam Yajzi during her stay in Ghana.

He said the group is made up of people of different political shades who want to help establish the truth.

“ The NDC cannot therefore stop any of its members from joining it, Mr Ziedeng said.