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The Harvest Is Real: Illegal Human Organ Trafficking Is Possibly Close To Your Nose

The Harvest Is Real: Illegal Human Organ Trafficking Is Possibly Close To Your Nose
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The location is unknown. Victim’s identity remains a mystery. It’s all spooky, sleazy and macabre. Somewhere in a jungle a young lady is in trouble. The victim is totally soaked in blood. Her organs are being harvested illegally. The eye of a camera feeds on her helpless body, recording every minute of the visceral and barbaric act.

She’s been pinned down on the ground, trapped in the jaws of the cold-blooded men (three in all video reveals). Her head rests on a body already dismembered. A sharp object dives deep into her belly as though the harvester is perforating a piece of paper. They all look on gleefully-- a slap on the face to taunt her. I really don’t think I’ve got the words to describe what my eyes have seen. It’s so troubling, so disturbing, and so excruciating to watch.

The above account is contained in a video a friend sent to me yesterday. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t watch the images twice. I’d nightmares.

My dear readers the harvest is real. Therefore, don’t let your guard down. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let the predators lure you. Be vigilant keep your siblings, your cousins, your friends and loved ones informed. There’s a dark secretive global business going on every day, every time, and every moment maybe at a place near you. It’s an illegal human organ trafficking.

Yes, there’s a black market for hearts, livers, intestines and lungs but the kidney is the most sought after. UN agency for health (WHO) says approximately 7,000 kidneys are illegally harvested annually by traffickers worldwide and the prices vary by country.

According to reports the average buyer spends $150,000 while the average donor gets $5,000. So who gets the big bucks? The big bucks go to the middle men and the ‘organ broker.’ In the United States 98, 463 individuals are waiting for kidneys as of October 25, 2013. The reports state that of this number about half will die before they will receive one.

“The profits are huge and money is a temptation, many brokers and doctors just cannot resist,” writes Duke Archer MD in his 2013 article titled: “Body Snatchers: Organ Trafficking for Profit.” In 2010, World Health Organisation estimated that about 11,000 organs are obtained on the black market. The agency also states that an organ is sold every hour of every day.

Where is this trade booming?
Human organ trafficking is a reality in many parts of the world. There’d even been documented cases shown up in places such as Indonesia, India, South Africa, China, Brazil and many other countries.

Scherper-Hughes a professor of medical anthropology at University of California Berkeley USA says: “There’s a huge scramble to find organs, legitimate or otherwise. The demand for organ transplants, especially kidney transplants, is on the rise.”

Again, WHO states that 123,000 men, women and children are on the organ donor’s list right now and an average of 25 will die each day

Scherper-Hughes a co-founder and Director of Organs Watch—a medical human right project notes that organ trafficking in wartime, particularly in dirty wars or those with undisciplined armies, is not uncommon. According to the anthropologist some of the US’s topmost medical facilities have been caught with illegally trafficked organs.

In the US organ donation is strictly regulated, yet a black market is rife. Duke Archer states in his article that typically a broker will team up with a funeral home director, forging contact forms and a death certificate to harvest human tissue before the body is cremated or buried

“Sometimes organs are harvested from a living victim for compensation. In the worst case it involves kidnapping for the purpose of organ harvesting, Always at the end of the chain is a wealthy recipient willing to pay big bucks with no questions asked,” says Duke Archer.

About two weeks ago someone posted an audio on the social media. The originator of the audio, a Nigerian alleged that there were/are some Nigerians that had fled that country to neighbouring Ghana to continue what he called ‘kidney business.’

“..Some of them are there to start their kidney business, if they’re able to dribble your young girls. They send them to Indonesia… So warn your children and your girls. They do it in China, and it’s done in South Africa.”

He gave Ghanaian authorities a heads up, asking them to be wary of his countrymen. “Chase them out they’re criminals send them back home,” the man said. Well, I tell you what, behind every successful Nigerian criminal in Ghana there seems to be a Ghanaian as an accomplice. That’s how it works! So don’t only look out for strangers, I will say treat everyone as a potential organ harvester.

I heard about this human organ trafficking sometime last November 2017. About how some agencies and individuals were luring young Ghanaians mostly women to go to the Arabian world and China with the promises of finding them well-paid jobs that never existed. Most of them got trapped, raped, starved and killed. I repeat, the harvest is real so choose your friends carefully.