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16.08.2005 General News

CHARJ Boss Cautions Gizelle Yajzi


The Acting Commissioner of CHRAJ (Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice), Madam Anna Bossman, has cautioned Gizelle Yajzi in expectation of her coming to Ghana to help the Commission investigate the "Hotel Kufuor Saga" against media hyping, since the case is not going to be trial by the media.

Madam Boss cautioned Gizelle Yajzi to be circumspect in her interaction with the media. Madam Gizelle Yajzi, whose controversial trip to Ghana has been discussed in several media houses and political platforms, is due in the country this Thursday, August 18, 2005, says the Friends of the Truth, a pressure group who seek the security of Madam Yajzi.

Madam Anna Bossman further ruled that the Commission will take advantage of her stay in Ghana to help them arrive at a conclusive judgment of the "Hotel Kufuor Saga" in its preliminary stage.