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15.08.2005 Business & Finance

Spacefon Areeba now Areeba

- Mobile Africa
Scancom Limited today announced the final step in the evolution of its brand from Spacefon through Spacefon Areeba, and finally to Areeba.
With this evolution, the network now joins other sister networks across Africa, Europe and the Middle East to become a single global brand, Areeba. With networks in Ghana, Liberia, Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Yemen, Cyprus and Syria, Areeba will continue the tradition of building quality networks and providing superior customer service while delivering innovative products and services that support businesses and individuals alike. "Adopting Areeba does not mean that the spirit we have built through Spacefon will be forgotten. On the contrary, we will continue building on what has already been achieved to grow into a bigger and better brand, reflecting our new identity" says Mr Ahmad Farroukh, Managing Director of Areeba Ghana.
Scancom entered the Ghanaian market in 1996 under the Spacefon brand and launched the first GSM service in Ghana and led the industry with innovative services, such as Caller ID, SMS, Itemised Billing, and Per Second Billing, and these were completed by superior customer service.
Today, Areeba is the largest mobile network in Ghana, with over 1.4 million subscribers.
The Areeba spirit has already brought new innovative and friendly-to-use products and services, such as the recently launched Installment Starter Pack, and the Unit Transfer Service, and these reflect the underlying values of that will guide the new Areeba brand.
Areeba's new vision of “being at the heart of our customer's world", promises to bring even greater value to customers whose satisfaction is at the heart of our quest to always improve. The Areeba logo is a combination of a heart and a speech bubble, visually embodying the brand's vision, while the colours reflect the warmth and friendliness of its people.
Existing subscribers should be reassured that they will not be adversely affected by this change. All Spacefon and Spacefon areeba SIM cards will continue to work on our network and do not need to be replaced. These current subscribers are now part of the Areeba network and they will benefit from new Areeba products and services as they are developed.
“Areeba's aim is to make communication simple and accessible to all, bringing customers greater choice and freedom” adds Mr. Farroukh.