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14.03.2018 General News

SAP Equips Low-Literate Peer-to-Peer Educators with Communication Skills

By News Desk
SAP Equips Low-Literate Peer-to-Peer Educators with Communication Skills
LISTEN MAR 14, 2018

Special Attention Project (SAP), a Ghanaian NGO working for the rights of children with learning difficulties has facilitated a two-day capacity-building training for out-of-school children on the streets.

Most of the participants had low literacy skills, and a customised approach was therefore necessary. The programme was organised by the Catholic Action for Street Children (CAS) in collaboration with Chance for Children, Right to Play and the Social Welfare and Community Development Department – Ada West District.

The SAP team equipped the teenagers with practical demonstration on how they should lead group discussions, ask the right questions and communicate effectively, as well as avoiding distractions during discussions.

The training was conducted without requiring any reading or writing, but rather employed visuals, role plays and exercises. This gave the children the hands-on skills they required to educate their peers on the streets.

The workshop is part of a Street Project dubbed “CAS on the Move” and was aimed at empowering out-of-school children on the streets on children’s rights, self confidence, leadership, communication and facilitation skills to enable them educate their peers on the streets on children’s rights.

Twenty teenagers participated in the first training which took place at the CAS Drop-in-Center at Accra on 12thFebruary, 2018. The second training was organised at the Social Welfare and Community Development Department – Ada West District Assembly, Sege on 14thFebruary, 2018. Sixteen teenagers took part.

Some participants expressed their views on the workshop:

“This training session has built my confidence now. The facilitators really made it very simple. It was very participatory as well because we all did the practical demonstrations together,” Gideon.

“I have understood this facilitation session very well. Everything was clearly explained. I think I can now educate my peers on children’s right,” Emelia.

“I can now educate my peers on child’s rights after this training. I like all the sessions, especially the practical demonstration on the challenges we were likely to face during the education with our peers. They were very true – but I now know how I can handle the challenges when I face them,” Fred.

The Project Coordinator at CAS, Mr. Paul Avevor said vulnerable children had the ability to bring the change needed in their lives. He stressed that the workshop will empower out-of-school and young children on rights, communication and interactive skills to help them engage effectively with their peers and the society on issues regarding their rights.