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15.08.2005 General News

Kufuor castigates NDC

By The Independent

Barely three days after addressing the media and outlining the various achievements and the successes chalked by his government, President Kufuor last Thursday descended heavily on Ghana痴 biggest opposition NDC over what he termed distortion of facts.

Fuming with rage, President Kufuor lambasted those who had adopted the style of always crying out that the country was going through hard times, as there was no money in their pockets.

He said there has been a time in this country痴 recent past when people did not work but had money in their pockets because government payrolls were full of ghosts names, from which such unscrupulous Ghanaians lined their pockets.

The president said probably those who are crying are the ones who were in such habits and now that those loopholes have been plucked they are crying of poverty.

Addressing a durbar of chiefs and people of the Gomoa Afransi in the Gomoa District o f the Central region on his tour, President Kufuor said the government of the NPP is poised to put money into the pockets of people who would want to adopt dubious and unorthodox ways of getting money.

He blamed the mess in which the country was left at the inception of office of the NPP on the 20 years of misrule by the NDC which he said turned the then Gold Coast into 撤overty coast・

"Twenty years of rule in Ghana, look at where you have led the country and you get up and complain that there is no money in their pockets only four years of we being in government,・he fumed.

President Kufuor said under the NDC successful businessmen were crippled while the former openly whipped up public sentiments against businessmen they perceived to belong to opposition parties at the time.

He said the NDC seized International Tobacco Ghana Limited, which belonged to Mr B.A Mensah, the Takoradi based Cement Paper manufacturing company and Tata Brewery all because their owners were seen to be opponents of the government on time.

Others also lost their jobs discriminately while people lived in perpetual fear.

President Kufuor used the occasion to express gratitude to the Chiefs and people of Gomoa Afransi and its environs for voting massively for the NPP in the 2004 elections.