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12.03.2018 Feature Article

Let’s Keep Accra Into Ship-Shape

Let’s Keep Accra Into Ship-Shape
LISTEN MAR 12, 2018

Strategies upon strategies have been used to eliminate filth in our country but all to no avail. But that does not mean we cannot roll out plans to make Accra clean, in response to the President pledge to make Accra the cleanest country. Looking at the voluntary cleaning exercise at the end of every month, Ghanaians are ready to ensure that the President’s vision on sanitation is achieved in his term of office.

The sanitation issue in Ghana especially Accra can be drilled down to indiscipline and the lack of law enforcement. Accra is a city where vehicles run over pavements use unproved routes, where motorbikes drive in the opposite direction and have no respect for traffic regulations and livestock roam the streets in competition with people and vehicles.

However, people dump refuse indiscriminately, as they keep no bins at home, let alone have places of convenience. Therefore, when it rains, it results dreaded communicable diseases such as cholera which, in fact, should be a thing of the past.

Now, rains also leave our roads with potholes that ultimately lead to the wasting of precious man-hours in traffic jams, exposing the enormous work ahead of the city authorities and its government agency partners.

Finally, we need to take up the challenge and start the process of making Accra the cleanest city now.

Edward Frimpong
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