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14.08.2005 Diaspora (USA)

Support for Ghanaians In Chicago

Kofi Ayisi


Just wish to express my support for the unlucky Ghanaians in Chicago and elsewhere. When diplomats opt for other nationals above the natives in appointments, it only clearly explains that their ultimate agendas are definitely CORRUPTION devoid of any transparency.

Such types of diplomats seek to alienate legitimate beneficiaries and build tough cocoons around them and must be quickly removed from office since they are purely self-seekers, myopic and waste public funds for their selfish ends. What is Fritz Poku afraid of, exposure or challenge? He has to always be reminded that Ghanaians voted NPP into power to serve their needs. No matter how Ghanaian a foreigner feels he/she would not be equal to a trully born and bred one. Already, every progressive African efforts are being stiffled all over so Ghanaians must fight for their rights and help others to collectively claim theirs. An example is how Prez Ghadhafi, hitherto considered a terrorist, until his bold efforts to build a strong Africa Union earned him instant recognition by the West to shift his genuine vision from course. On the micro-economic level, research into how qualified African professionals are maginalised in allocation of jobs elsewhere and you will know that all what the world economy is about is to shut the doors firmly on any attempts to earn decent living. They are only wanted in areas where locals are not interested and will have no access to benefits.

I think Pres. Kuffour and the NPP are, at least, wise enough to reckon such irresponsible elements will only help kill off their meager efforts against mass corruption.

Stand firm brothers and sisters in Chicago. It is either a qualified Ghanaian or Fritz returns to Ghana to wizen up.