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Mar 6, 2018 | Opinion/Feature

A Letter To My Car Owner - I Can’t Be Shithole At 61

By Elvis Danso
A Letter To My Car Owner - I Can’t Be Shithole At 61

Dear Sir,
It has been a while since I wrote a letter to you. This is not because my car broke down severally and I have been in and out of work but because you have refused to heed to the many submissions I put across. For instance, I requested for a change in attitude on how your lovely kids litter around, and for a provision of waste bins at all vantage points. This has not been met and I am not sure it will see the light of day because even the little bins you provided are always full and filth is seen in almost every vicinity now.

I was angry and openly condemn your colleague who referred to you as a ‘Shithole at 61’ and I know you also didn’t like that reference.

I know you are not a Shithole at 61 but anytime I complain about the bad nature of the roads you turn a blind eye to it.

Many have seen the devastating effects of these roads such that one pregnant woman delivered prematurely when I drove her through last month. You are not a shithole at 61 so don’t wait for residents to plant Plantain in the middle of the street to protest for an improvement in the nature of their roads before you respond to their needs.

Please don’t sit in your big office with your arms folded and syphoning all our monies to your offshore bank accounts when there are armed robberies being reported everyday and you sit there doing nothing about it. I know it’s not because you haven’t created enough jobs for the youth of our community or found a better option for those you stopped doing galamsey.

I know you bought this car for me and I do my part to make sure it is always up and running. But I want to know why you are always going to your neighbours cup in hand. I am sometimes so ashamed to call you my boss when I see your colleagues born in the same year as you doing so well.

In this day and age you still have some of your kids sitting under trees to study. Teachers will have to draw a computer on the board to illustrate to their students what a Computer is. The worse of all is when you do nothing about it and wait till Microsoft hears about it to provide your kids with computers. You can do better than that.

I know you are not happy about the way I go about this issue but I know you can improve in every area that is why I always write you these letters. You can improve on the portable water supply to all our major cities and villages in our community. I hope in you to improve upon the healthcare system of our community. I know you can improve upon the quality of education. I trust you to improve upon the road network in our area.This and many more do I trust you to do and I know you will never be a Shithole at 61.

Thank you
Your concerned Taxi Driver

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