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Bagbin Hails NDC For Successful Registration

Mar 5, 2018 | Modern Ghana
Bagbin Hails NDC For Successful Registration

Alban Kingsford Sumana, aspiring Presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress has-Promised to use his Presidency to better the lot of long neglected

He also congratulated executives of the NDC following a very successful registration exercise to secure new Akatamansonians.

At a meeting with Constituency executives of the Ada and Sege branches of the party, the second Deputy Speaker of Parliament and arguably the most respected MP of the Fourth Republic paid homage to the resourcefulness of party executives.

'You the executives are the real heroes of our party; you take on the real work on the ground, dirty your hands and break your back to ensure that our wheels are grinding. I salute you all', the Nadowli/Kaleo MP said.

Mr Bagbin said the success of the exercise which didn't suffer any jolts and setbacks was there for all to see even as it was a testament to the hard work of the party's executives.

In a meeting that was punctuated with applauses, the longstanding MP for Nadowli Kaleo, told the executives that it was because of their resourcefulness in matters like the registration exercise that they ought to benefit from the party when it was in power.

'I know that over the years, your loyalty has been tested, especially when we were in government because you seem to only come into remembrance when we are in opposition. I promise you that this will change under me if I become President in 2020,' Hon. Bagbin said to wild applause.

He added: 'the monkey dey work, baboon dey chop arrangement will not operate under my Presidency if I am elected flagbearer. I only need our party to elect me flagbearer and becoming President will be easy because we are all witnesses to the mess going on.', the most admired MP said.

To ensure that NDC party folks and executives benefit from a Bagbin regime, he said he would ensure respect the advice of the party and work with the party to ensure that party executives and ordinary members were taken care of.

'We will not be nepotistic or run a family and friends government in which my brother alone or my cousins and friends alone get appointments and contracts, but I assure you that in operating within the procurement laws, contracts that NDC executives can undertake will be given them.'

He said every President in a democracy was a product of a political party and as such the party and its executives would be given the proper latitude to influence policies under his Presidency.

The Nadowli Kaleo MP, who is respected in international circles because of his experience in parliamentary practice in Africa, said it was not his intent to ensure that hardworking executives of the NDC were only rewarded under his Presidency.

'I will champion the process to ensure that the party's constitution is repealed to make every flagbearer sign a contract with the party before he leads it into elections,and when he becomes President, he does not repeat the recent mistakes in which our President had sidelined the executives of his own party while in office,' Hon. Bagbin said.

He said, the contract with the party would detail the need for the President to engage national, regional, constituency and branch executives on issues pertaining to the well-being of party members, including ways to position them to benefit as Ghanaians from state contracts.

The longstanding MP for Nadowli Kaleo and current Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament drew a standing ovation at the end of his speech with many executives hailing him as a pragmatic NDC leader.

Prior to that, Hon. Moses Asaga, former MP for Nabdam, had extolled the wealth of experience of the revered Legislator, pointing out that in Parliament, Hon. Bagbin was respected by both sides of the political divide.

At a forum, he recalled that while he was MP, Hon. Bagbin, who is a former Majority and Minority Leader, was the person that was called on when the MP's had difficulties reaching agreement on some issues, as his word was deemed wisdom.

He pointed out that the Nadowli Kaleo MP commanded so much respect because he was untainted with corruption in spite of his long service in Parliament. Hon. Bagbin, who was first elected MP in 1993, was in the Legislature before most of the MPs around, including both President Akuffo Addo, former President Mahama, current Majority and Minority leaders of Parliament.

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