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March 1, 2018 | Opinions Feature Article

A Dirge Certainly Not In Good Time – Ahmed Safieddine Da Yie

I heard some disturbing words as incoherently as a coded whisper. The cup of hot Lebanese coffee was just touching my lips. It was hot, but I felt the burn in double doses; I felt the pain in triple doses. Ahmed Safieddine…and when I saw a photo of your son hugging your waist (you were much taller), I cried! Your son resembles my disabled son in many ways: in build, looks, and height. Well, yes, even though he is disabled, when he is stretched on his bed, he is as tall (long).

I did not know you, but I do not have to in order to mourn the loss of your life especially as you were ambushed in your glorious prime. At 54 years of age, you could hardly be called old. After all it is oft said that life begins at 60! On many occasions, I have prayed that no one should ever suffer the heinousness of murder. Life is meant to be spent in the love of GOD and humanity.

I apologise on behalf of my Ghanaian brothers and sisters, for we are a peaceful lot in this country. The precedent has been set largely due to an agenda that is being played out. Ghanaians are not murderers! Ghana, our motherland is welcoming and loving! Those that perpetrate such acts of hell can only be members of the fire. They have the instinctive madness to visit on innocent people what they surely expect to suffer at the hands of the Just GOD!

My heart goes out to your family. Your son has kept me weeping since yesterday because he brought to mind mine, who has to make do with his predicament and the hurdles of growing up in a society that stigmatises the sick. I mourn you today even though we have never met before, not because of the circumstances of your murder per se, but because of the pain that has shattered your wife and children. I am not sure how many children you still have particularly that I was informed about the loss of your beautiful 18 year old daughter last year through a road accident in Lebanon.

Your wife, I weep for her too. In her prime, she has been widowed! That is painful, but not nearly as painful as having to live the rest of her life seeing you in her children and reminiscing good old times that can only make her yearn more for your company that, alas, is no longer possible.

Your life has been culled because you were doing what was morally right; to pay your workers and others. At least that is what I was made to understand. That is laudable. Your company, a Lebanese company, has employed scores of my Ghanaian brothers and sisters. You have contributed your quota to our National development, and have put food on the tables of hundreds of Ghanaians. I thank you!

I want to say to your wife and children that I put myself at their service. In no time, the murderers will be apprehended. You will soon see as you become comfortable in that special place in heaven made especially for martyrs like you, Ahmed Safieddine! But, I wish it was not like that. I wish that the attack that killed you never happened. I wish that the murderers were struck with a heavenly curse before they embarked on their crime. What do I know, maybe the very curse to befall them was in your murder!

I want to assure you that your death will not go free! I wish to assure you that government will avenge your death by doing the necessary. It has not been easy in our country, Ghana. There are some reckless people hell bent on making governance difficult. That notwithstanding, I will be there for you in death as I would have been if you had come to me in life. I reckon, one can also make special friends with the dead, and today I claim you as a friend and brother.

Ahmed Safieddine, on behalf of my family and all Ghanaians, I mourn you, and mourn with your family over you!

ALLAH yerhamak w yej’al maswak aljannah! Damirifa Due! Da Yie! Hy3 Den!

By Fadi Dabbousi

Fadi Dabbousi Samih
Fadi Dabbousi Samih

The author has authored 269 publications on Modern Ghana.
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