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Opinion | Feb 28, 2018

Ghana Under Akufo Addo Is Seeing The Worse Security Crisis!

Boutros Andy 
President Nana Akufo- Addo
President Nana Akufo- Addo

Connoisseurs in security matters will agree with me that, in time past Ghana has had its own challenges as regards the security of her citizens, but in recent times, the ones that we've witnessed (or witnessing) particularly under this government have left many card carrying citizens including myself to worry over the graduated phenomenon. Many are essentially living in fear and panic in anticipation that, they may be attacked in like manner too.

At the very incipient days of this government, I made a statement in one of my articles about the current President and how he is handling the security of the Nation. I did say that, the BIGGEST THREAT TO GHANA'S SECURITY was Akufo Addo. I also said, the most dangerous element in Ghana today was President Akufo Addo who could easily plunge this country into chaos and upheavals with his actions and inactions.

Few days after this statement, the monstrous Invincible forces, Bulga bulldogs, Delta forces and all the forces you can think of arose with full barking and sponsorship from the governing New Patriotic Party and its leader Akufo Addo. Unknowingly to many, most of these guys are top notch robbers in the name of party security details and invincible forces. They have committed many atrocities on the people of Ghana.

They started with the forceful seizure and taking over of state institutions including public toilets, toll booths, markets and everything and anything they laid hands on. In the name of "my party is in power" they forcefully took over the kintampo water falls which led to the death of about one hundred people using the facility then.

They graduated their activities with the forceful removal from office the Ashante Regional security coordinator and beat him up, because in their minds the security capo doesn't deserve the position he occupies. They said, the President in the lead up to the elections promised the leader of their group of that same position.

Then they came to the judiciary, these thugs went to a live court and attacked the judge and freed all their men in custody. These boys were rearrested and put before court with the expectations of handing a hefty punishment commensurate with their crime. It emerged that party bigwigs worked under the cover of darkness and managed to get the judge sitting on the case to fine these hoodlums only Ghc1800 each. This emboldened them further.

Another episode which got Ghanaians even more terrified was the beating of a senior Police officer, ACP Nanka Bruce by these invincible forces right at the Flagstaff House in the full glare of Akufo Addo. The man has been bedridden, since that sad spectacle. I am learning that, the man has been warned by powers that be, not to come out publicly and speak of his present condition. What even exacerbates the situation was/is the loud silence from the Presidency, there hasn't been any statement from the seat of Government condemning such acts, lending credence to the fact that, Akufo Addo and NPP endorsed the action of these hoodlums.

Ghana is really living in tuff times.
Folks, so all of these crimes committed by these state sponsored thugs coupled with the fact that, many of these guys are robbers have gone a long way to embolden others and their colleague robbers who may not be part of these forces to act with such boldness, bravado and alacrity to commit crime even in the day.

In recent times, the preponderance of crimes inflicted on innocents Ghanaians is jaw- dropping. Incessant robberies, murders, rape, violence and plain extortion has become the order of the day.

Today, armed robbers in the full glare of the public robbed the Royal Motors at North Kaneshie. The robbers took away an unspecified amount of cash sales from the company.

Over 20 Forex Bureax have been attacked and robbed in Accra and Tema in the last two months.

Again, in the last 3 months armed robbers have attacked and robbed mobile money operators as well as ECG prepaid vending outlets with many dying in the attack.

The police officers who are also protecting us are even living in fear and having to suffer same with about nine police officers attacked and killed including the ones in Michel Camp and Dome. The IGP appears incredibly overwhelmed and helpless with the situation, meanwhile the man (Nathan Kofi Boakye) who can do the job isn't been allowed to solve the crisis on our hands because in the Government minds Kofi Boakye is NDC. Ghanaians are simply living in fear with no sign hope that, the security crisis will be solved any time soon, meanwhile the following are ALL drawing salaries from the state.

* Minister for National Security
* Minister of State in charge of National Security
*. Minister of the Interior
* Minister for Defence
* National Security Advisor
* National Security Coordinator
* Director of Presidential Security
* Inspector General of Police.
* Chief of Defence Staff
* Director of the BNI
* Defence Intelligence Chief
For God & Country

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