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March 1, 2018 | Politics NDC News

NDC Members Appeal To Mahama To Step Aside For Bagbin To Lead NDC

NDC Members Appeal To Mahama To Step Aside For Bagbin To Lead NDC

Although the opposition National Democratic Congress has not officially declared names of Presidential candidates for the 2020 general election, one name that is growing by the day is Mr Alban Bagbin, second Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

Other names popping up in the daily roll-call are; Former President John Dramani Mahama, Mr Sylvester Mensah, former Head of the National Health Insurance Authority, and Mr Joshua Alabi, former Vice Chancellor of University of Professional Studies.

Mr Bagbin however appears to have already secured the support of many constituency executives with the party executives of Tema East, West and Central recently hosting him in a manner stylistic of a fandom.

Similarly, a statement signed by Messrs Daniel Beccah and Senanu Nutsugah of Kevzi branch National Democratic Congress in the Volta Region have also thrown their support for Mr Bagbin to lead the party in the 2020 general election.

The statement also called on former President Mahama to step aside and allow Mr Bagbin to lead the NDC into the 2020 election.

'His Excellency President Mahama has had his turn at the Presidency for eight years, like everyone else who has had the opportunity to serve our motherland at the Presidency. President Mahama was Vice President for four years and President for four years.

'We believe that the eight years is a fair allotment of time at the Presidency to any one person. This is why we are calling on His Excellency President Mahama to step aside.'

'Honourable Bagbin, unlike President Mahama does not have the kind of corruption perception baggage that President Mahama has and therefore will be easily marketed by our great party if he is made flagbearer,' the group said.

The group underscored that the flagbearership of the NDC was not the preserve of one person, adding that it was only supposed to be a platform to offer the best Presidential materials the opportunity to lead Ghana.

In the event that President Mahama heeds their call, the group said Hon. Alban Bagbin would be a good natural successor because he was also a Northerner who could perform creditably well to the admiration of all.

The statement said indications were rife on the ground that the ruling NPP could be beaten in 2020 if Mr Bagbin was given the opportunity.

'However, in order to make sure double sure, about our electoral victory in 2020, we need to present somebody who cannot easily be tagged as corrupt. Hon. Bagbin is such a personality,' the group said.


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