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Health | Feb 28, 2018

Public Hospitals Warned Against Fake NHIS Claims
Public Hospitals Warned Against Fake NHIS Claims

The National Health Insurance Authority [NHIA], has chided some public health service providers in the Northern Region for submitting multiple and in some cases fake claims for reimbursement.

This is contrary to the widespread reports that private health service providers operating in the country were the ones solely engaged in such dubious acts.

The Northern Regional Manager of the NHIA, Alhaji Hudu Iddrisu, brought this to the fore at the 2017 end of year performance review meeting held in Tamale.

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“Surprisingly, most of the facilities that are involved in these activities happen to be those owned by the state. Public health facilities put up and paid by the government.”

“All these negative practices create the impression that the NHIS has not created the financial access to the healthcare as it is supposed to do.”

Alhaji Iddrisu further stated that, “We are aware of all the happenings in some of the facilities accredited by the Authority to provide services to our members. You can call it top-up, co-payments, or any other name.”

According the outraged NHIA Boss, the ongoing illegality could cause public discontent for the Scheme and affect its enrollment or renewal rate.

“Medicines found on the NHIA’s list are being sold to gullible NHIS members whilst some of those prescribing deliberately prescribe outside the NHIA’s list to cause card bearers to still buy these medications even though alternatives are on the list that should have been given to them free of charge. Yet these providers who are indulged in this at the end of every month submit claims to the Authority for payments including medicines and the services for which they have already collected monies from our members.”

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Alhaji Hudu Iddrisu entreated those corrupt service providers to stop extorting monies from the state for no work done.

Alhaji Hudu Iddrisu said at the end of December 2017, the Authority in the Northern Region raked in Ghc879,609.00 representing 89.7 percent of its annual target.

He commended management and staff in all the district offices saying, “Your wonderful performance, commitment, dedication and sacrifice despite the numerous challenges has brought us this far.”

The annual performance review meeting is key on the operational calendar of the National Health Insurance Authority.

It offers managers the opportunity to review their past performance to enable them restrategize for the years ahead.