28.02.2018 Feature Article

Napo, A Serial Caller Dumped In The Education Ministry

Mattew Opoku Prempeh, Education Minister
LISTEN FEB 28, 2018
Mattew Opoku Prempeh, Education Minister

Hi Matthew Opoku Prempeh,
My regards to you and your constituents whom you are disgracing. I have never had any respect for you because of your loose talks. Indeed I have not been disappointed when you opened your oral musketry on Peace Fm and Citi Fm yesterday against John Mahama.

You see a smelly KVIP will surely attract green houseflies. I know you are from Kumasi so you know the Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit, what some call manhole. You have an uncouth habit of spitting any rubbish without garnishing it even though you are supposed to be an honorable public figure. At least you are a Minister of Education; the one responsible for learning. I cannot understand how you don’t learn.

You were in this country when Dr. Bawumia was insulting former President Mahama as incompetent. The wise man advised him courteously to know what it takes to be president before he can constructively criticize. Gold is nothing to pigs. He did not budge. Today he is only vice president for only one year and he has collapsed already. He is now learning the wisdom JM spoke to him.

You are going on the same tangent. Your lack of good attitude has driven you to walk into a friendly media house and to talk like a street ‘kuborlor’ against a sound advice given to you to organize a stakeholders’ conference on Free SHS. Wisdom is bitter to you I guess. Who in this country has not realized the problems of your unplanned poor implementation of the so-called Free SHS? Didn’t you admit at St. Mary’s SHS that you have gone for $40million loan from the World Bank to finance the project?

You also said God should punish JM for not giving everyone free SHS. What rubbish? This is coming from an MP who is made the Minister of Education? Napo, how many SHS students did your NPP government give Free SHS to? Or is SHS in Ghana now only first years? Napo, why did you increase fees for second and third year SHS students? Is that not the money you are using to feed your first years? So God should punish you and Akuffo Addo double for not giving all SHS students free education as you promised. Who do you think you can fool?

I don’t know which SHS you attended but I suspect Religious and Moral Education was not taught in that school. You this same loose-talker told the same SHS students to buy black polythene bags to shit inside if they don’t have any KVIP. This is how you train your children at home. Pathetic education Minister. Look if the NPP out of epileptic shiver made it a policy to attack JM anytime he spoke wisdom, you should not be one of the attack dogs because your portfolio abhors that otherwise you will teach us to do same as I am doing to you now.

Yesterday I listened to Asempa Fm and Citi Fm where you released another shithole balderdash. Indeed these things don’t say them in Twi, it sounds so vulgar in your mouth. How can you a responsible Minister of Education rant on radio that the University of Ghana may be auctioned so soon, donkomi? Is it not one of the institutions you oversee? Why are you glad to announce that rubbish? I am an alumnus and when I heard that from your mouth I nearly collapsed. But I was glad when the UTAG President of Legon, Dr. Henry Agbanu perfectly responded to you. He perfectly called you “an unfortunate gentleman who called himself the minister of Education”. Hahahaaaaa, the way it pained your media stooge Umaru Sanda eeee, haahahahaaaaaa.

You are not even aware of what is happening in Legon but you are gleefully pouring dust on our eyes. You can go and buy the University of Ghana for yourself, after all you guys are even buying stinking bonds from the state. You are loaded!

It is only the likes of Kwame Sefa Kayi and Umaru Sanda who will give you the platform to spit cobra venom but be warned that if you cannot make sensible comments on radio please don’t insult JM again. Your drunkard Defence Minister Nitiwul flopped in trying that. You cannot survive it. We know the NPP’s plans against JM and we are fully ready for everyone of you.

I hope you are not stressing yourself too much on radio, you guys easily collapse when you are overwhelmed. Please operationalize the University of Ghana Medical Centre so that in case you are fatigued and stressed we don’t have to fly you to London. Get to work, leave the street talk for your serial callers to do. Ghana is suffering!

Try again!
_Your student,_
_Assibid Dauda_
_The Binduri Youth Activist_

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